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News 2FA Protection

by Zankza on Saturday, September 2, 2017

There is nothing more gut wrenching than watching all of your hard work getting stolen or become destroyed because of unauthorized access. At Pirate King Online we take all security incident very seriously, which is why we've been slowly but carefully developing a brand new security enhancements. Today most of frontier security-researchers would agree Second Factor Authentication (also known as 2FA) 2FA could be anything other than standard default password, however in our case we will use a time-based password, as it relatively the most safest as the time-based would mean the factor is always regenerating thus the pins are always changing, hackers could steal or capture your 2FA but in less thirty seconds it's useless. Today I am delighted to announce we're officially launching this brand new 2FA system officially. We know it can be very puzzling to setup 2FA which is why we've developed sophisticated web page with step-by-step into setting up a secure 2FA. You can begin the process of 2FA by visiting this link https://pirateking.online/forum/game-accounts/security. When you have 2FA, it will replace all of your static "game account pin", all of normal operation that required game account pins will be never used again instead will rely on 2FA to authenticate. Not only it replaces the standard game account pin, the following list is also secured by 2FA:
  1. When entering game account from an unknown PC will always require 2FA to approve this PC*
  2. When unlocking inventory bag or a locked item will always require 2FA to unlock bag or item
  3. When purchasing a item mall package will require 2FA to approve purchase**
  4. When exchanging rum barrels to rums will require 2FA to approve exchange**
  5. When deleting any characters any time will always require 2FA to approve character deletion
  • *Once a unknown PC has been approved, it will remain approved till at least 168 hours from the last logout, meaning if you haven't played for more than week, you'll need to re-approve your PC again.
  • **When you approve any purchase/exchange in item mall, you won't have to re-key 2FA for repeating purchases/exchanges until you logout, until then 2FA will be required again.
While this system is very powerful, all great power comes with great responsibilities. While it can help maintain control on every character under your forum account, it also can be very troublesome in terms of requiring 2FA pin, which is why we've only placed it in between of very important critical events and even affix grace-periods so it doesn't ask too often for 2FA authentication. Additionally, because you now need this second factor device with you all of time, it also means you need to be prepared in case if your device becomes inaccessible for any reason including dead battery, lost device, or even stolen device. Which is why we recommend everyone to download and use Authy's 2FA app, which manages your 2FA very well. They also provide free cloud backup, allowing you to migrate your 2FA from between devices, like phone and computers. There is however many other applications/devices to manage your 2FA.

In summary there is a lot of new controls for players, it can be difficult to understand but in practical once mastered, the benefits of this security is overwhelming and nearly impossible to defeat by hackers. We'll be closely monitoring feedback and providing support to all players, because we know, security is above of all most important.

Pirate King Online Team

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