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by Zankza on Saturday, September 2, 2017


There used to be days where endless nights of pirates battling each to other just for eternal glory, this place is known as "Bar" a special place in argent south docks. It was used to be filled with people, socializing and sharing culture as well disagreements with only one real way of proving and that was PvP. Today I am delighted to announce that we've given PvP a new facelift including providing basic common additions. Please observe the following new PvP invitation dialog, for the initiator of battle can select rules and even wage amount!

This new PvP system is also inclusive MvM system as well, you now can initiate complex battles between 1v1 or 2v2 or even 5v5 with 50k wages from each member, and winner takes it all! As you may notice, there is now selection of map choice, currently we have few made but however we'll need to test and make sure they are in good condition before deploying. However in near future there will be map selection choices, not only there can be terrain but as well map sizes differences. Additionally now that the system is LUA powered, it will be not long before there are custom mods for PvP as well, for a CTF mode, undead mode, dodgeballs mode, and so on the limits are limitless practically.

As you can see, after the initiator chooses the rules and gold wage, the dialog is now present to both side with final and confirmation of what rules, the icons with red diagonal line over them means it's disabled, in this case stealth, pots, and buffs are disabled. However Revival, Healing, Melee, and Skills are enabled! Additionally there is wage of 31337 gold, which means if both side accepts, the system will take away 31337 gold from each player and whoever wins battle will be given 62674 gold by system automatically! This new PvP system is largely in BETA and would require a lot of feedback and polishing, we expect there to be lots of faults and bugs, please be wary of betting too much gold and something might not be properly disabled (such as a pots being supposed to be not allowed but yet usable). Additionally, you should share your opinions and experience while using this new PvP system in here this topic.
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