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News Tidbits [8-29-2017]

by Zankza on Tuesday, August 29, 2017

  • Total of six apparels set has been added to limited category in Item Mall, Remember limited apparels now have around two hours cooldown in between purchases, you'll need to be quick or wait until cooldown finishes before purchasing a set yourself.
  • Void Stone has been improved so it catches quest and npc based given EXP, no longer receiving experience points from NPC/Quests. Please report if you happen to obtain experience elsewhere while void stone in your inventory.
  • As per Pop-Song event winning, the winner's character has been solidified into a permanent NPC at Argent 2263,2789 with dialog explaining how players can listen to this produced song.
  • Lv 40 and above bows now attain weapon-glows when forged with gems; however it is still in major development (preparation for future weapon apparel additions glows) and so any feedback/bugs needs to be reported so we can fix and improve the new glows.
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