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News Gems Addendum

by Zankza on Thursday, August 24, 2017

Long awaited changes have finally arrived. We've gathered and analyzed most common issues in our game and broaden our ideas. In this particular update there is three parts, Broken/Cracked Gems, Refining Gem Drop Rate, and Colorized Gem Hints.

Broken/Cracked Gems
  • Broken and Cracked Gems are now available at Item Mall for 49/149 rums each respectively.
  • Exclusive Principle rules are in full effect, meaning:
  • You cannot forge broken, cracked, or unique gems together on same equipment.
  • The goal is to not disrupt the current leading players and;
  • To provide newbies and monopoly-stuck players at potential of becoming maybe third or second best.
  • The broken and cracked gem would offer alternative to players who struggle securing unique gems and;
  • Offer great way for newcomers to get small head start, after all you can only have one Lv5 Cracked Gem which in retrospective is equal to lv 3 UG at most.
  • Ultimately, broken and cracked gems offer you to have solid character, but you won't be the best, you'll need to switch and start using unique gems to become best.
Refining Gem Drop Rates
  • Forsaken City Monsters now have 0.12 opposed to 0.08 drop rate.
  • FC1 Monsters now spawn at each 30 minutes instead of hour.
  • Wandering Soul and Snowman Warlord no longer drops refining gem.
  • Death Knight and Huge Mud Monster now drops refining gem at 45%.
Colorized Gem Hints
  • Due to the new gems changes, some changes can be very confusing and so we've come up with a new way to reinforce;
  • There is now three colors, each color has own forging rules: Purple, Red, Yellow.
  • Purple Colored;
    • Black Dragon Gems: they can be only combined and forged up to Lv3.
  • Red Colored;
    • Unique Gems, Cracked Gems, Broken Gems: They all are exclusively mutually, meaning you can only choose one of same-stat bonus gems into your equipment.
  • Yellow Colored;
    • Rest of the Gems: no special rules, apart the current gem limit of Lv5 of course.
In Other News
  • Item Mall's limited category is now cooldown restricted, meaning when someone purchases a package, it is locked (unable to purchase for two hours and half), this cooldown is global. Meaning if anybody purchases a limited set, you or anybody else will be not able to purchase this set till two hours and half have passed. Rest of conditions applies including amount limit. The purpose of this change is to prevent blowout every time we add something new onto limited category, it also will serve double purpose to allow people from different time zones to purchase the limited sets due to delay on cooldown propagating when packages can be sold into several days.
  • When you hold SHIFT key, and hover your mouse over any items it now will display following:
    • Tradeable, Dropable, Deletable, Max Quantity. Note that, for instance if they are not tradeable you will not see "Tradeable" itemhint.
    • If your item is >100% effectiveness, it now will display bonus from effectiveness alongside of original value
  • 2FA now has improved greatly and will have official announcement shortly.
  • There is still more changes upcoming shortly.

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