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by Zankza on Monday, January 9, 2017

Today I'm delighted to announce one of the most common requests, maps for database! You could always look up monsters' stats and get to know their drops but if one were to curious know where does the mob spawn, it was not possible to know for certain. Well today, I am happy to announce that it's now official featured!

Please go to our databases dashboard, and see the maps widget is activated and ready for your use/feedbacks!

See attachment on forum thread

Click on the widget to view list of all available maps

See attachment on forum thread

Once selected category, you'll be presented with "regions"

See attachment on forum thread

And from there you may select which map/region to view, leading to:
See attachment on forum thread

In summary, you can now select map/region and view it's all spawns available, and even see where it's approximate spawns if you check the checkbox for the following mob. You can see the there is greenish/teal box inside the shaitain land as I checked the Killer Cactus box. Following the descriptions also briefly tells you how many spawns, and if there is multiple distinct regions.

This feature is fully integrated into our monsters page, you can hover your mouse over the mobs list and see it's quick information

See attachment on forum thread

See attachment on forum thread

Happy searching to everyone!

Pirate King Online Team

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