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News Tidbits [1-8-2017]

by Zankza on Sunday, January 8, 2017

  • Extended Maintenance was nearly complete success expect for the attribution of temporary guild dialog problems. Which was later corrected and fixed. This maintenance gave developers a HUGE-leap, a new era of PKO has literally begun.
  • As stated above, the extended maintenance was intentionally focused to be server-side updates, hence zero client changes was observed, we have done that on purpose to ensure software development assurance. Now, the fun part begins, client improvements awaits us! Lots of exciting new things will be then observed sometime soon in future!
  • In addition of last recent tidbits and announcements, here's few more things that we need to announce:
  • The boat problems we saw with manf. items was fixed, along this "simple" fix actually fixed lots of other unseen problems, unseen in term of too small of problem to be noticed (small difference) but still will be different. what is exactly different? Mostly relating to any skills or items that modifies and buffs/debuffs your stats and especially boats. You may experience some small adjustment when you use various skills/items, it is because they weren't working before-then.
  • Guilds been cleaned up, with only 54 guilds remains, lots of slots has been opened up. People now may create navy or pirates guild for stone of oath and 1M gold. We'll insert an auto-routine of clean ups in future so the clean up is to be routine.
  • Originally when guild disbanded, it had not properly disposed of it's name leaving the name once used unable to be used again, this is now fixed. When a guild disbands, it reverts it's name to system-elected, so the once chosen name is now free to be used again.
  • Improvements has been made to offline stall, initially when the idea was brought, we hacked the game to allow offline stall immediately. Few problems had raised from it, for example you could still make normal interactions such as PM or friend requests, and so on, they were actually once causing problems, we've corrected that already but today, we've upgraded the servers so it now acknowledges when a player is offline or online even if you are AFK-stalling.

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