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News Cleaning up Guilds

by Zankza on Saturday, January 7, 2017

With alarming discover made today, all of the pirate guilds (100) slots are taken. It is of course alarming due to the fact, server is not that densely populated to be occupying the entire 100*25 slots. With quick inspection a major revelation found that 54 pirate guilds remain five or less members.

This is not our intended purpose and for that reason we will be cleaning (deleting) all Navy and Pirates guilds that have five or less members, this clean up is to be executed during our next "extended maintenance". The exact schedule and time for the extended maintenance has not yet announced but very soon, during this window of maintenance, we will query and remove all guilds with five or less members. In next few days, if you want to preserve your guild, you should have six or more members in your guild, further more, to prevent abuse (as we saw many did) the gold fee of guild creation has been ten-fold increased, from 100,000G to 1,000,000G.

In the future, we will be observing automatic functions that analyzes and inspects all guilds and it's members to be active, IE if the members inside guild has not logged in for X months and even though the guild has more than five members inside it, but those inactive characters will be seen as invalid, eventually marking guilds for removal. But for now, a simple member count (regardless if members are truly active) will be used as metric point. Additionally, all guilds that has leaders whom status is banned would be forced deletion regardless how many members.

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