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Production System

Production System

Production system includes turning raw materials obtained from primary life skills into very useful items, via secondary life skills; Manufacturing, Crafting and Cooking.

General process:
All three of the above-mentioned skills work the same way when it comes to using raw materials. The process only differs in small details, such as the materials themselves, the products and how exactly the items are turned.

First of all, in order to obtain any item(s) from these skills, a blueprint has to be obtained first. A blueprint is a special item which is obtained from opening closed blueprints of varying quality. It can either be:
-Manufacturing Blueprint (40% chance)
-Crafting Blueprint (20% chance)
-Cooking Blueprint (40% chance).
Each one is used by the respective skill. Every blueprint (regardless of its type) has a few elements.

  • Lv: Level of the blueprint
  • Product: Name of the obtained product.
  • Ingredients (Materials): Required Items and quantity of each to make the blueprint. Blueprints always have 3.
  • Blueprint usage count: How many times the blueprint can be used.
  • Base success rate: The chance of the blueprint succeeding
  • Fairy Coin(s) required: How many Fairy coins are required per usage.
All of these determine the value of a blueprint. Naturally, the fewer materials required and the higher the success rate, the better the blueprint.

Different levels of blueprints are obtained from different closed blueprints. Generally, higher level blueprints are more valuable, but they are more difficult to obtain, the materials are harder to gather and the success rate is lower. These are the items which give blueprints:
Obtained from various low level monsters at a fairly high rate. Gives the following level(s) of blueprints:
-Lv1: 100%
Obtained from various low level monsters at a decent rate. Gives the following level(s) of blueprints:
-Lv2: 70%
-Lv3: 25%
-Lv4: 5%
Obtained from higher level monsters at a low rate. Gives the following level(s) of blueprints:
-Lv4: 70%
-Lv5: 25%
-Lv6: 5%
Obtained from very high level monsters at a minuscule rate. Gives the following level(s) of blueprints:
-Lv6: 70%
-Lv7: 25%
-Lv8: 5%

Learning Secondary Skills:

As for the skills themselves, they are learned the same way as primary life skills are, via skill books. Lv1 Skills books for each skill can be found at any town's Grocer. However, leveling the skills up is not done the classic way, and instead required higher level skill books.
These higher level books are obtained from Fairy Merchant, Deep Blue(1370,589) for either Fairy Coins or Elven Signets. Note that skill levels cannot be skipped. For instance, Lv6 Crafting cannot be learned unless you have Lv5 (which requires Lv4 and so on).
The level of the skill has to be the same or higher than the level of the blueprint. Higher level skills do not increase success rate, contrary to popular belief.

Additionally, secondary skills are bound to a primary skills hence they cannot exceed that skill's level. Meaning that if the secondary skill is to be learned or leveled up, the primary skill needs to be (at least) that level as well.

In order to be able to use the skills, a Tool has to be used as well. Each skill has its own tool and it is a special item with a few elements.

-Durability: Every time a blueprint is done, the tool will lose some durability and it cannot be used if the durability drops to zero. It can, however, be repaired to full (200 durability) at the Furnace of Immortality, Deep Blue(3257,2502), using a Repair Tool of the same level.
-Level/Experience: A tool has its own level and experience. It earns experience every time a blueprint is done. The experience earned is equal to the level of the blueprint if succeeded and 1 if failed (regardless of level). Upon reaching a certain amount of experience, the tool will level up and its experience will go back to zero. Higher level tools increase the success rate of blueprints.

Required EXP per Tool level:
-Lv2: 100 EXP (100 total)
-Lv3: 400 EXP (500 total)
-Lv4: 900 EXP (1400 total)
-Lv5: 1600 EXP (3000 total)

Secondary skills:


The skill which turns raw materials into useful usable tools on both land and sea. There are many types of tools; from area of effect stuns, to summoning monsters which give EXP to area of effect poison and many others on land; to useful tools which help your ship and disrupt the enemy's on sea, manufacturing truly provides an abundance of tools which players can use in almost all situations.

Since Manufacturing relies on woodcutting, all of its blueprints have wood obtained from the same level of tree as one of its materials.

Manufacturing is done at Substance Generator, Magical ocean(877,3645) with its tool, Black Hole Crystal.
Clicking on the NPC will open up the manufacturing UI where the Blueprint (always goes in first), materials and fairy can be placed.
Tip: hover over the slots to see which item from the blueprint has to be put in there.

After this, clicking on start will begin the manufacturing process. Clicking stop or waiting until the green bar fills up will take one usage off the blueprint, expend Materials from the inventory and (possibly) yield the finished product.
Based on which word is written in the bottom-left corner of the UI, the following number of products will be given.
Thank you = 0
Abysmal = 1
Bad = 2
Great = 3
Perfect = 4