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Forsaken City (Lvl 30-45)

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<p><img src="/img/guide/forsaken_city-0.jpg" alt="enter image description here" title=""></p>

<p>Forsaken City consists three floors. The monsters inside are elite mobs of Lv30-Lv45. The entrance will open for 60 minutes at Magical Ocean (1509,3666). Players must have Ancient Generator with them to enter.</p>

Please note that the dungeon will only be accessible for 120 minutes( 3 hours), starting from the moment the system announces that it has opened.</p>

Players from level 30 to 45 must bring an Ancient Generator and search for the entrance at Magical Ocean (1509, 3666). After walking through the portal, players will be transported into the sea surrounding Forsaken City. Players will need to sail to the harbor in order to land and explore the dungeon.
Level 1: After entering Forsaken City 1, players will need to look for the entrance to Forsaken City 2 at (84, 246) in 40 minutes. The portal will close upon entering.
Level 2: Players can find the entrance to Forsaken City 3 in the middle of the map at (249, 225). It will remain opened for 80 minutes.
Level 3: There will be a Boss monster guarding the ultimate treasure in this level. </p>

<p>Head to Magical Ocean (1509,3666) to enter Forsaken city. (Sea)>></p>

<h3 id="map">Map</h3>

<p>Forsaken City Level 1 map </p>

<p><img src="/img/guide/forsaken_city-1.png" alt="enter image description here" title="">
Chest obtainable : Skeletar Chests (Lv 30) </p>

<p>Forsaken City Level 2 map </p>

<p><img src="/img/guide/forsaken_city-2.png" alt="enter image description here" title="">
Chest Locations : North (238,17); Left (27,256); Right (467,254); South (243,460) </p>

<p>Forsaken City Level 3 map </p>

<p><img src="/img/guide/forsaken_city-3.png" alt="enter image description here" title="">
Chest Locations : NE (460,28); SE (459,467); SW (26,470)
Boss Location : Death Knight (26,26)</p>

<p>Antecedent Quest
Ancient Generator - Part I
First, head to Argent City (Ascaron)
Visit Drunkyard - Anthony (2222, 2889)
Buy Coconut Wine from Barmaid - Denna (2224, 2887)
Reward : 5k exp
Ancient Generator - Part II
Talk to Drunkyard - Anthony (2222, 2889)
Items he want : Drunken Dreams 0 / 1 (From Ancient Generator - Part IIa)
Sashimi 0 / 20 (From fishing)
Ancient Generator - Part IIA (Drunken Dreams)
Talk to Barmaid - Denna (2224, 2887)
Items needed for Drunken Dreams :
Stramonium Flower 0 / 20 (Ascaron : 1511,2928 -Stramonium )
Rainbow Fruit 0 / 5 (Deep Blue : 891,750 -Fallen Naiad )
Strange Fruit 0 / 5 (Ascaron : 1655,2563 - Angelic Panda)
Snowy Trumpet Shell 0 /1 (Deep Blue : Around 800,730)
Ancient Generator - Part III
Find Little Daniel (2193, 2730)
Get 10 Robot Core from Bandits
Go back to Little Daniel(2193,2730) </p></div>