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Black Dragon Lair

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<p>Black Dragon Lair entrance (3430, 3296),Summer Island</p>

<p><img src="/img/guide/black_dragon-0.jpg" alt="enter image description here" title=""></p>

<p>Lair 1 Map:</p>

<p><img src="/img/guide/black_dragon-1.png" alt="enter image description here" title=""></p>

<p>You will need 3 keys to be able to go to Lair 2.
The keys are:
1. Timeless Machine
2. Sigil of Anubis
3. Mask of Mummy Kings</p>

<p>You can get these key's from the monster inside the Lair 1.
Huge Cyborgs -&gt; drops timeless machine
Anubis -&gt; drops Sigil of Anubis
Dharma Pharaoh -&gt; drops Mask of Mummy Kings</p>

<p>After you gain those three keys, follow the path (the red line in the map) you will see a statue, the statue will transfer you to Lair 2.</p>

<p>After defeating the dragon and gain Dragon Key, you will have access to Lair 3 and get to the altar.
You can get BD Altar +10M.</p>

- You can enter Bd Lair 2 only if you have completed the Language Barrier Quest.
-Black Dragon Re spawns every 24 hours after each kill, so you need strategize with you team mates to kill the black dragon.</p>

<h4 id="boss">Boss:</h4>

<p>Black Dragon-lvl 90
Heart of Black Dragon, Soul of Black Dragon, Eye of Black Dragon, Dragon Key, Power of Flame, Black Dragon Head, Angelic Dice, Fairy Box</p>


<p>-Black Dragon Terror
-Black Dragon Roar
-Black Dragon Flight
-Black Dragon Breath
-Black Dragon Fireball
-Black Dragon Summon</p>


<p>Baby Black Dragon
Skills:Black Dragon Roar
Drops Power of Frost, Armor of Secrets, Robe of the Sage, Power of Flame, Gloves of Secrets, Faerie Gloves, Boots of Secrets, Faerie Shoes</p>

<p>Tempest Dragon:
Drops: Vest of Apollo (SS), Tsunami Robe (Voyager), Robe of the Sage(SM) , Armor of Olympus (champ), Boots of the Sage (SM) , Tsunami Boots (Voyager)</p>

<p>Baby Thunder Dragon:
Drops:Armor of Olympus (Champ), Faerie Robe (Cleric), Gloves of Apollo (SS), Boots of Apollo (SS), Fish Faerie Shoes (Cleric)</p>

<p>Baby Black Dragon:
Drops: Armor of Secrets (Crus), Robe of the Sage (SM), Glove of Secrets (Crus), Faerie Gloves (Cleric), Boots of Secrets (Crus), Faerie Shoes (Cleric)</p>

<p>*Black Dragon Lair 3
<img src="/img/guide/black_dragon-2.jpg" alt="enter image description here" title="">
Drops: 10m , Black Dragon Altar</p></div>