Offline Stall

General Information
Offline Stall is a feature in Pirate King Online allowing players to set-up a stall and have that stall remained despite being logged out of the game. The offline stall will remain active despite being offline in the game.

Setting up a offline stall:

Step 1: Set up a stall in-game

Step 2: Press ALT + O to open the game menu:


Step 3: Select Logout

Now the player has Succesfully created a offline stall so the character will remain online selling items in the stall!

NOTE: Once all the items in the stall has been sold the stall will automaticly close and character will go offline. Also If a 96 hour period has passed without any items being sold from the stall, the stall will proceed to close automaticly. However, if an item has been bought the 96 hour cooldown will be reset back.