Lone tower

General Information:
Lone Tower Is a abandoned dungeon in the middle of Ascaron in Pirate King Online. Legend's say it's been abandoned for centuries, thats how it got it's name "Lone Tower". Nobody has ever dared to enter the the tower itself due to all the strong monsters inside. Only the bravest will find themself worthy of this place!

What is Lone Tower?
Lone tower is a dungeon thats really useful for high level levling, since it has monsters from the level range of 69-80. Therefore alot of players will find the place useful for levling with the propper equipment and potions available. Lone Tower is also used alot for completing high level story quests.

What makes Lone Tower unique and special?

  • Lone Tower persist of 6 floors, each floor will have a portal leading to the next floor until floor 6.
  • When a person enters Lone Tower, they will find themself in the middle of a "maze", with no mini map available, so the person would have to walk around in the map to explore.
  • Players don't have to wory about portal times because Lone Tower portals are always open.
  • There's NO PK within Lone Tower, you can waddle safe without worrying about other players attacking you.
  • Anyone entering Lone Tower can not just leave the place, since there's no exit portal, the only way to get out is to use a teleporting ticket, or die within the dungeon.
  • To enter Lone Tower, go to the following cordinate: 268,1781 Ascaron region


  • Below is a map sketch on the portal locations from floor 1-6 and which monster lvl's that can be found on each floor.

  • Lone Tower 1 has monsters from the level range of 69-70

  • Lone Tower 2 has monsters from the level range of 71-75

  • Lone Tower 3 has monsters from the level range of 73-74

  • Lone Tower 4 has monsters from the level range of 75-76

  • Lone Tower 5 has monsters from the level range of 77-78

  • Lone Tower 6 has monsters from the level range of 77-80

At Floor 6 there will be a very important NPC, named Huckinson he will be important for any player that is doing the rebirth quests.
  • Optionally instead of walking trough all these floors players can buy Pass to Lone Tower from the Item Mall under "tickets" they cost 9 rum for 3 tickets.
  • NOTE: there's tickets for each floor in Lone Tower within the mall, so make sure you buy the correct one for your use.