Items and Gold

Items and Gold


General Information:
Items are certain "objects" in the game which can be manipulated in multiple ways. They are obtained mainly by slaying Monsters, but as Quest rewards, through Life skills and various other unsorted methods as well.
Most items in-game, when outside of the player's inventory, look like Bags, but Equipment, Chests and other items have a distinct look. They can be picked up (Placed into the player's inventory) by clicking on them, or using the Ctrl + A keyboard shortcut to pick all nearby items.

Once in the player's inventory, each Item has its own Icon so it can be distinguished from other Items, and it can be manipulated from there. The Green scale has been picked up; it is now in the Inventory and can thus be manipulated:

The player can also drop most items by dragging them outside the Inventory and confirming the process. Certain items cannot be dropped.

Item Types:
There are thousands of different Items in the game each with their own purpose, though many of them are similar, and as such they can be classified into a few categories.

Common Items - Items generally obtained by killing Monsters. They usually vary from monster to monster, which means there is huge variety among them. They have no concrete usage, some may be quest requirements, but many of them are simply "trash" and as such players often erase them, sell them to NPCs or don't pick them up at all.
Miner Mole Safety Helmet
Bamboo Shoot
Pure Water
Warrior Certificate

- Items which can be used (Double clicking or placing them in the hotbar and pressing the respective Key) in order to give the player an effect. They are generally Items which restore player's HP or SP or Items which boost player's stats for a certain amount of time.
Codfish Steamboat
Spring Roll
Sturgeon Soup

- Items which can be worn by players, boosting their stats with the ability to be improved through Forging; as well as showing up visually on the player. These are some of the most important items and one of their traits is their character, class and level restriction.
Short Sword
Marksman Bow
Staff of Evanescence
Tattoo of Gallon
Breast Plate

Quest Items - Special Items which can only be obtained if the player has completed or accepted a certain quest. Mainly related to Story Quests.
Sea Snail Meat
Piglet Tail
Bandit Hideout Map
Memory Capsule

Trading Items:
Items can be transferred, or traded to other players as well. This is done by right clicking a player and initiating Trade (Note that only characters Lv6 and above can do this).

This will open up the trade window, in which players can drag items. Clicking Confirm will show the items on your side of the Trade to the other player, and when both players click Trade, the Trade will go through, granted both players have enough Inventory slots to receive the Item(s).

This is how Items are usually given or sold from player to player (Gold can be placed into the trade window from either party as well) and it is the safest way to do so.
Be sure to always check whether the other player gave the right item or the right amount of gold, you can never be sure!

Same as with dropping items, certain items are untradeable. This means that they can by no means be placed into the trade window. Items which are untradeable generally cannot be transferred from player to player no matter what, as they are quite often undroppable as well.


General Information and usage:
Gold is the in-game currency of Pirate King Online. It is used for various in-game tasks such as Equipment repair, Teleportation, Forging or general purchases from NPCs. Another important use of Gold is that it's the most common way for players to sell or buy items from one another.

It is a very important part of game as it is very difficult to improve without amassing increasingly more gold to improve your character.
It can be tracked in the player's inventory, right under Items.

Obtaining Gold:
The most common way of obtaining gold is to sell common items to NPCs. This is done by initiating Trade with an NPC which is able to do so and dragging Items to their trade window, selecting the number of items which will be sold and, of course, confirming the deal.

This is a method mainly used by newer players, as later on, most Gold is made by becoming part of the PKO market and economy and dealing with other players.