Hairstyle Guide



Besides of unique apparels, the game features hairstyling which allow players to personalize their in-game avatar further.

  • To begin the hairstyling process, players must first go to the Hairstylist NPC which is located in Argent City:



  • Start a dialogue with said NPC by clicking it, then select "I want to change my hairstyle", and lastly click on "Yes, I am sure".
  • Note: A Hairstyling Voucher will be requiered to start a dialogue with the NPC.
Player may then decide which hairstyle fits their character better, as there are plenty of options to choose from. However, each hairstyle will ask for different items for the process to happen, which will be shown in each hairstyle's window. Note that if you do not possess a certain requiered item, the item's icon will be shown in red.


  • Once you've got all of the requiered items, and you've chosen your preferred hairstyle, you may proceed by clicking "Confirm". A fee of 100,000 Gold will be consumed as long with the Hairstyling Voucher and the Necessary items to finish your desired hairstyle. Congratulations, you've successfully finished the hairstyling process!
  • Note: There's a slight chance in which your hairstyle might actually fail, such the situation be, character's hair will be turned into a 'Rainbow Failed Hairstyle'.
The Items

Here's a complete list of all items that may be used during hairstyling:

Hairstyling Books:
All items can be obtained by farming different mobs, which players can check by clicking in the embeeded items links, except for Trendy Hair Books, which can be obtained from Item Mall, under the Character section, and the Hairstyling tab.


The making of Colorants

If player decides to make their very own Colorants instead of buying from other players, they may be created by the following method:

  • Go to any of the following NPCs:
Innkeeper - Marriam
Innkeeper - Harken
Innkeeper - Yaskey
Innkeeper - Granny Maya
  • Start a dialogue with NPC by clicking it
  • Choose "Decoct Hair Colorant"
  • Choose your desired Colorant
  • Make sure you have all of the requiered items
  • Click 'Confirm', the items requiered will be deducted along a 200 Gold fee per Colorant created.

Items you may need in the creation of a Colorant:
Happy Hairstyling!