Gem Combining

Gem Combining

General information:

Gem combining is a feature in the game, which allows players to combine lower level Gems or Refining Gems into higher level ones. This feature is crucial, as players are able to upgrade the gem level in their equipment by using higher level gems.

The requirements are seemingly simple:

Gem Composition Scroll can be bought at Grocery - Amos for 5,000G

The process:
Once the requirements have been met, it's time to combine the Gems. This is done at, once again, Grocery - Amos by selecting the 'Combine' option.

A window will pop up and all the required items are to be placed within their respective slots; Composition Scroll on the top slot, and the Gems to the left and right slots, like so:

After that, clicking "Confirm" is all that remains, and the Gems will be combined into a 1 level above Gem. This can be done up until level 5, which is the current maximal Gem level. All the same rules, fees and requirements for regular Gems apply to Refining Gems as well.

Combining higher level Gems into even higher level ones has a smaller success rate than combining lower level ones. This means that Combining can fail. And should this happen, both the Gems, Scroll and Gold will be lost.

The rates are as follows:


Lv2 = 90%
Lv3 = 80%
Lv4 = 70%
Lv5 = 60%
Lv6 = 50%
Lv7 = 40%
Lv8 = 30%
Lv9 = 20%

Refining Gems

Lv2 = 100%
Lv3 = 100%
Lv4 = 95%
Lv5 = 90%
Lv6 = 85%
Lv7 = 80%
Lv8 = 75%
Lv9 = 70%

In order to increase the success rate of higher level gems, the item Red Combining Fruit has to be used. As the description of the item says, it increases combining rate for 1 minute. Meaning that any number of Combines that a player does within this time period will be more successful. It will increase the success rate by 20% for all gems except for Refining Gems, where it will automatically make the success rate 100% (for all levels)

The Fruit is obtainable only as a Quest reward from Story Quests. Additionally, it's worth nothing that it's wise to use the Fruit in order to combine multiple Gems Lv3 or above within one Fruit's time frame, as it's more economical.

Higher level Gems are not only riskier to combine, but also require way more Gems than lower level ones.

Since 2 pieces of Lv1 Gems are required for a Lv2 Gem, 2 pieces of Lv2 Gems (4 pieces of Lv1) for Lv3 and so on, the total amount of Gems needed increases exponentially per level.
The amount of Lv1 Gems required can be tracked by the following formula:
Or simply by referring to the table below:

Lv2 Gem = 2x Lv1 Gems + 50,000G
Lv3 Gem = 4x Lv1 Gems + 150,000G
Lv4 Gem = 8x Lv1 Gems + 350,000G
Lv5 Gem = 16x Lv1 Gems + 750,000G
Lv6 Gem = 32x Lv1 Gems + 1,550,000G
Lv7 Gem = 64x Lv1 Gems + 3,150,000G
Lv8 Gem = 128x Lv1 Gems + 6,350,000G
Lv9 Gem = 256x Lv1 Gems + 12,750,00G