Game Lore | Virtue of Cleric

In the world of Pirate King Online Clerics are herbalists who concentrate solely on their healing skills.
They excel greatly in medical skills and support spells and will play a vital role in any party.
For years, Clerics have survived the biggest of battles, and kept their friends alive with their magical powers.
It is rumored that Clerics obtain their powers from Goddess Kara herself to keep the balance between Death and Life in Pirate King Online.
Have you decided to enter this world as a Cleric?
Will you be able to stop the war, or will war corrupt you?


In Pirate King Online, Clerics fulfill the role of a Support Character in a Party and a Guild. With their healing powers, they will keep their friends alive in the harshest of the Raids, and in the hardest of Guild wars.

Even when everybody else has surrendered, Clerics will let other pirates see the light once again.

Characters Ami and Phyllis can become a Cleric. May Kara bless all Clerics.


Even though a Cleric's role is to be a godly support, they can do many other things!

  • Clerics can deal a high magical damage.
  • Can heal party members, guild members and friendly targets.
  • Can revive dead friendly targets.
  • Can buff team mates and friendly targets.
  • Can uncover hidden enemies thanks to True Sight ability.
  • They're rather tanky, thanks to their ability to absorb damage with their SP.
  • Always needed in team fights and team leveling.
  • Easy to master gameplay.


However, there are downsides to being the heavenly side of PKO...

  • Clerics aren't good at leveling alone due to having only one damage dealing attack.
  • Longer skill casting time.
  • Have only one damage dealing ability.
  • Do not possess sealing or stunning abilities.
  • Do not possess debuffs.
  • Revival Clover are used to revive players, which have a cost of 3000 Gold each.


When an Ami or Phyllis pirate reaches lvl 9 or higher through hard work, she is confronted with the the wonder of what class to master. If you have chosen the Virtue of Cleric, your journey will start as a Herbalist.

To become a Herbalist, the pirate's abilities are put to test! if they successfully beat High Priest - Gannon 's test, they are awarded with their very first healing ability and a tiny staff to defend against fearsome monsters!

During the Herbalist life, party members will depend on your healing abilities to keep them alive against the strongest monsters that lurk about the world of PKO.

Defeating monsters with your first skills is truly fun! Herbalists must train their skills and medical knowledge to grow as a strong and mature Cleric, that will be able to heal any wound.


When a Herbalist has enough knowledge and has trained enough, it is finally ready to become a Cleric!

At level 40 or higher, Herbalist will be tested once again by High Priest - Gannon