Fairy Marriage

Fairy Marriage

While the guide Fairy Pets mainly focused on general information about Fairies and 1st generation (1st gen) Fairies, this guide will focus solely on second generation (2nd gen) Fairies and the process from which they are obtained - Fairy Marriage.

Perks of 2nd gen pets:
2nd gen pets are strictly better than 1st gen. Primarily because of the Fairy Possession skill which can only be used while a 2nd gen Fairy is active. But besides that, 2nd gen pets also give double! the amount of coins in comparison to 1st gen.
Additionally, they have a cool, new and distinct look.

Fairy Marriage:
Fairy Marriage is the process from which 2nd gen Fairies are obtained from. The process includes using two high level 1st gen Fairies, a special Demonic Fruit and a few more items in order to breed a low level 2nd gen fairy and yield a Fairy Possession skill book as well.
It is a costly process, as Demonic Fruits have a cost of 99 Rums, moreover the 1st gen Fairies also use up their energy and lose levels in the process.

Fairy Marriage is done at Langa , right next to Shaitan's Jackpot Machine. Alongside Fairy Marriage, he can also provide a lot of information regarding 2nd gen Fairies and the requirements to obtain one.
In order to begin the Marriage, select "Fairies marriage" at Langa.

The Fairy Marriage window will pop up and all that has to be done is place the Fairies and Demonic Fruit in the respective slots and clicking Yes (Demonic fruit slot is marked in the picture). A small fee has to be paid as well.

Congratulations! After the Fairy Marriage, the "parent" Fairies (The two 1st gen Fairies) will each lose 4 levels, while a 2nd gen Fairy will now appear in the player's inventory.

The level of the 2nd gen fairy is equal to the parent Fairies' level divided by 4. Lv20 Fairies will breed a lv5 Fairy, Lv24 Fairies will breed a lv6 Fairy and so on. The stats of the Fairy are equal to the parents' stats. Two 1st gen str pets will breed a str 2nd gen pet, while a str and con 1st gen pet will breed a 2nd gen fairy with both str and con.
Fairies with mixed stats are not very attractive, so it is recommended to only marry two pets with the same stats.

Note: Fairy marriage will take into account the lowest parent Fairy's level. So a lv20 and lv40 1st gen fairy will still yield a lv5 Fairy.

Fairy Possession:
Another Marriage product is the Fairy Possession skill book. Upon used, the character will learn the "Fairy Body" skill (commonly known as "Poss") in the Fairy skills tab.

It is a powerful skill which can only be used while a 2nd gen Fairy is active and it will provide the player with an effect that depends on the 2nd gen fairy type. It, however, consumes stamina based on the fairy level.

There are three levels of Quality for the skill, Novice, Standard and Expert. The difference between them is in stamina consumption and duration.

Novice Fairy Possession :
  • Cooldown: 180s
  • Duration: 180s
  • Stamina Consumption: 6*Fairy Level
  • Fairy Body Lv: 1
Standard Fairy Possession :
  • Cooldown: 180s
  • Duration: 170s
  • Stamina Consumption: 3*Fairy Level
  • Fairy Body Lv: 2
Expert Fairy Possession :
  • Cooldown: 180s
  • Duration: 160s
  • Stamina Consumption: 2*Fairy level.
  • Fairy Body Lv: 3
Evidently, it is a trade-off between stamina consumption and up-time. While Novice possession can be up the entire time, it will consume a huge amount of the fairies' stamina, whereas Expert is more economical, but has a 20s period during which the player does not have the effects of possession. Standard contains traits of both.

The Fairy Body level can be increased, but not decreased. This means that, if a player learned Novice Possession, he can upgrade it to Standard by simply using a Standard Fairy Possession book. The same principle applies for Expert Possession.
However, if a player learned a higher level skill (i.e. Standard or Expert), they cannot degrade it to i.e. Novice or Standard.

Which possession is obtained from marriage depends on the 1st gen fairies' levels. Again, it takes into account the lowest parent Fairy's level.

Fairies lv20-24:
  • Novice Possession - 85%
  • Standard Possession - 12%
  • Expert Possession - 3%
Fairies Lv25-34:
  • Standard Possession - 90%
  • Expert Possession - 10%
Fairies Lv35+:
  • Expert Possession - 100%

2nd gen Fairies:
The 2nd gen Fairies which have long been talked about are:

Fairy of Strength
Fairy of Agility
Fairy of Constitution
Fairy of Spirit

Fairy of Accuracy
Fairy of Evil
Fairy of Luck
-Although the five stat pets (Fairy of Strength, Fairy of Agility, etc) give an increase in their respective stat when using possession, they themselves do not have to be of that stat. For instance, a Fairy of Strength with Constitution will increase Constitution while active, but, upon using Possession, it will increase strength. These "hybrid" Pets give the best of both worlds, but cannot give the maximal potential of a pet. Therefore, they are considered risky.
-It is vastly believed that Fairy of Luck increases drop rates for monsters drops, However it doesn't actually increase drop rates.