Demonic World (LV 50+)

Demonic World


Level 50 and up.

Where does it open?
It opens at Ascaron (910, 1069).

When does it open?
Portal opens each 3h, starting from 1am server time. And you have 40 minutes to enter, or portal going to close.
There's also a portal to Demonic World 2, that opens in the same time as Demonic World 1 Portal, but it closes after 1h of the maze starts.
You can visit Portal Schedule for more information.

What can be found in DW?

1. Demonic World 1:
  • Map:

  • Monsters:
Imaginary Snow Doll, Lvl 50
Snow Doll Spirit, Lvl 55
Evil Snow Doll Spirit, Lvl 57

  • Chests:
Chest of Demonic World 1, Lvl 0

  • Boss:
Wandering Soul, Lvl 55

  • Resources:
Metal Norite, Lvl 4
Rue, Lvl 5
Silver Ore, Lvl 4
Gold Ore, Lvl 5
  • Notes:
There's ONLY ONE Portal to DW2 and it opens randomly in one of the indicated locations.

2. Demonic World 2:
  • Map:

  • Monsters:
Confused Snow Doll, Lvl 59
Demonic Snowman, Lvl 61
Demonic Yeti, Lvl 65

  • Chests:
Chest of Demonic World 2, Lvl 0

  • Boss
Snowman Warlord, Lvl 65

  • NPC:
Tomas Tutu, Demonic World 2(329,207)