General information
Champion is the advhancement class for Swordman, for Caraise. Champion's specialize in both dealing alot of damage and tanking alot of damage. Therefore champion's are considered a very hybrid class, since it can be either very tanky or very strong. Often people play tank's as "hybrid" by going semi-tanky, but at the same time making the class deal lots of damage. Often switching fairies from, strenght to consitusion in mid-battle. Champions wield a large two handed sword as their primary wepond to deal hard damage with.


  • Very tanky
  • Very useful in boss battles
  • Lot's of diffrent skill types
  • Equipments for the class is rather cheap
  • No stun skills
  • No hiding/escape skills
  • Bad at early game and solo levling
  • Limited choice of equipment
Champion's have a variety of stat builds, but the three most common ones are full damage, full tank, or "hybrid" abit of both. Full damage champion's focuses on stats which increases its overall damage, and serves as a very strong damage dealer in both PvP and PvE. While going full tank is mainly used for bossing or tanking other player's in PvP, however when a champion is going hybrid, he's making sure that he's able to be both tanky and still do a frequent amouth of damage at the same time.

Constitusion. (Con) - This is the primary stat for a Champion, as it increases their defense and health. it is a crucial stat for tank-hybrid oriantated champions, with a mix of Strenght on top to be able to deal some damage and at the same time remain tanky.
Strenght. (Str) - Str is useful on all the swordsman classes, especially on a Champion that wants to go full damage or remain hybrid. Picking up some str points on a champion is often a good choise, being able to deal that extra damage can save champion's in lots of clunky situations and make them a frankly ok damage dealer in boss battles.

The following link provides a lot of information as well as skill previews for all champion skills. In this guide however, a few noteworthy ones will be mentioned

Illusion Slash - The primary damage dealing ability for champion, upon casting it, it will deal a lot of damage from range.
Blood Bull - A very strong passive increasing both health and defense of a champion, aiding it well in boss fights and pvp fights.
Primal Rage - A large foot stomping on single targetted enemies from range, dealing a lot of damage over range. very useful in PvP batles and boss fights.

Champions have a very limited number of equipments which they can use
Unsealds for champions are often a very good pick, they give essentinal stats to a champion . Champions rely on equipments that has high defense, srenght and consitution, having agility on them aswell gives a small bonus to that attack speed of theirs. The chaos argent equipments are frankly okay, apart from the gloves which doesnt give much hit rate, therefore the best equipment selection should be the black dragon equipments for lv 75. they give both large physical ressitance, defense, hp and str/con. Making it the perfect equipment type for champion in the end-game.

As for weponds, the unseald weponds for champions are defently the way to go, their unsealed greatswords have all the essentinal stats they need.

Early game: Early on, swordsmen and champions are rather hard to level as, since they attack from close combat, with rather low attack speed but ok damage. They often handle monster's semi-ok, if they had a party they would handle things much easier even from distance.

Mid game: This is where champions are begining to see the light, the class gets more and more abiltiies and the equipment options start to expand, they can now start stacking up some decent strenght and constitusion, making them semi-hybrid and ready for some larger monster crowds and fights.

Late game: At this point, champions are shining like gold, they now get to wear their final end game equipments, all their skills are set-up and they have had enough points to pump in making them tanky and strong at the same time, often champions will be sued for tanking monsters at this level, or keeping the aggro towards them, so other's dont have to.

Champions in low level mazes
Forsaken City - In Forsaken City, Champions are semi-decent, since their equipment's at this level isn't really their best, they also hasn't gotten enough skill points to upgrade their top skills all the way up yet, so their passive still lacks a couple more levels to be upgraded fully.

Dark Swamp - In Dark Swamp however, Champions gets to take some of the spotlight, they get to be able to wear lv 55 uns tatoos or chaos argent equipment, making their stat build variety and expands the option to go hybrid, being both tanky and strong at the same time aswell as having their best skills maxed out.