Apparel Upgrade

Appareal Upgrade:

What's it?
Appareal Upgrade is used to increase the level and effectiveness of a fused equipment, giving to the character the respectively percentage of bonus int he stats. It gives a maximum of 10% addition in the selected equipment.

How does it work?
First of all, you need any equipment (I recommend a good gemmed and stated one, because Upgrading demands a good amount of money, so make sure that the bonus will compensate the costs) fused in the appareal of your choice. In the name of your gear, you can see the Level of the Upgrade "Lv10" and in the base stats of your gear, you can see "Effectiveness [100%]". To perform your appareal, you will need to talk with Blacksmith - Smithy, Magical ocean(902,3495):


And bring to him the following items:
  • Money
The items must be placed in the slots like the image below:


Looking the picture you can see the Lv and Effectiveness of the Appareal. They are part of the Upgrade, and each succeeded Upgrade will increase 2% in the effectiveness and plus 1 in the Lv, but remember: It has chances of failing and Forging/Combining Fruits doesn't affect the successful rates.

Rates & Costs:
100%-102% = 50% Success Rate = 1,210,000
102%-104% = 50% Success Rate = 1,440,000
104%-106% = 50% Success Rate = 1,690,000
106%-108% = 50% Success Rate = 1,960,000
108%-110% = 50% Success Rate = 2,250,000


Rifle of Enigma

So, upgrading this gun to 110%, you will earn extra 10% in all stats, that means: +1% Attack Speed, +25-26 min attack, +37-39 max attack and 10 SP. Every gem added will be counted in the upgrade, but remember that you can't get decimal stats (i.e 1.8 = 1).