2FA (Authenticator) Guide

General Information:
2FA (also known as 2 Factor authentication) is a second security measure we here at Pirate King Online proudly offers players. With this security players can secure their account for unautorized action, and select diffrent items of their own in-game to "locked" and only be able to "unlock" them by typing the 2FA code.

How to set it up:
There are 2 diffrent types of 2FA that we offer our players to use:

-Authy (Available for Windows computers, IOS and Android phones) (aswell as Google authentication)
-Authenticator (A Web based Google Chrome extention)

Using Authy for 2FA:

To Apply 2FA to your account (using Authy) head over to: https://pirateking.online/game-accounts/security and select "Enable"

At the next page, players will see some information regarding 2FA

Make sure to download "Authy" here: https://authy.com/ or on the Appstore, or PlayStore.

On mobile: Setup your Authy account using your mobile number (SMS)
Proceed by creating a backup password (which will be used to encrypt and decrypt your Authy account in the future, if you change phone or format your phone. Make sure to use a password you remmber, because this is very important!

On Desktop: head over to https://authy.com/download/ from there, download the app for either 64 bit or 32 bit depending on your pc.

Proceed by creating an account on the authy desktop app you just downloaded, by entering your phone number and type the verification code. As for desktop aswell, remmber to make a backup password which will be used to encrypt and decrypt your Authy account in the future, if you change computer or format your computer.

At the next window, a QR Code will appear like this:

Now, on "settings" on the Authy app, select "Add account" and select the "Scan QR Code" option

P.S It's currently ONLY possible to scan this QR code via an app on your phone, the Authy desktop app can mostly only be used as a simulation of the code instead of picking up the phone to check the 2FA code.

if you've already used an external QR code reader, and selected "open the link" its possible that it automaticly detected "google Authenticator" (if you have this as an app on your phone) Thats fine, its possible to use that one aswell.

Once the QR code has been scanned, select "Next" and look inside your "Authy" app and write the following verification code. Remmber to select the chekmark aswell.

Click "Finish" and you are DONE! Your account is now secured by 2FA.

Vide guide for setting up Authy:

Using 2FA as Authenticator Chrome Extention:

How to set it up:

1. Make sure you have Google Chrome as your browser for this.
2. Head over to https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/authenticator/bhghoamapcdpbohphigoooaddinpkbai?hl=en and select "add to Chrome"
3. select "add extention"

In the top right corner of your browser you will see the Extention

Proceed to step 2 in https://pirateking.online/game-accounts/security page

Now , select "Scan QR code" on your chrome extention

(this window acts as a virtual Web browser QR Code reader for this)

Now Start from a corner, and drag a big Square, over the whole Black QR code on the 2FA page, so that the whole code gets marked.
If succesful it will say " On pirateking.online it says "Your username here" has been added"

If you click up on the Chrome extention again, the window will now say:

This means you've succesfully made a 2FA for your web browser, meaning you wont need a phone or anything to acess the code.

Click the code, and a popup will appear where you must select permission for copy-paste, select yes, and its done.

IMPORTANT! It's extremely important to take a backup of your Authenticator, to do this, head over to the chrome extention, and select "settings>Export/Import" and then select "Download backup file" A small backup file of the whole authenticator is now being downloaded, in case you ever re-fromat your pc, and/or uninstall Google Chrome.

It's also strongly recomended to create a password to encrypt your Authentication, head over to "settings > Secruity" and add a password at:

After that's been done, a "lock" icon will appear at your "Authenticator" meaning you can lock this extention, if you lend your chrome account/or anyone will use your pc/and use it to browse the browser with. Just select the lock, and the only way to see the authenticator is by writing the password. Make sure you remmber the password you set very well.

You can also Auto backup the file with dropbox, to do so, go to settings > "Auto backup to dropbox" login with your dropbox account, and it will be automaticly downloaded to dropbox. For the future you could just download the file from dropbox and Import it to your Authenticator by going to settings > import/export and select "Import backup."

Lost 2FA,recover 2FA or reset 2FA

If a player by accident loses acess to the 2FA either on phone, or by browser or by app if the encryption password, or the phone is not working for some reason, there are ways to recover the 2FA and set it up on new.

By default, all registrated accounts which has enabled 2FA will recive an email, which will have multiple 2FA recovery seed codes (remmber to check the spam folder for the email if the email has been sent there)

Example of an email:

If a player for some reason has lost these seed codes, or cannot find this email, use the "Contact us" form on the bottom of the web page, or submit a forum post about the issue here. From there a staff member will reach out to you and re-send this email which will contain the 2FA seed codes. (The seed codes sent in a new email will have the exact same seed codes as in the original 2FA email.)

Using the 2FA seed codes to reset the 2FA on the account:

Step 1: Head over to https://pirateking.online/game-accounts/security
Step 2: Select the "click here" bolded link as shown below

Step 3: Put one of the 2FA seed codes from your email that you got when the 2FA was activated on the account and place it in the box as shown below

Step 4: Scan the QR code normally as this would be just like setting up the 2FA all over again (check the guide at the top of the page)

Once the QR code has been sanned, proceed by clicking "next"
At the last page, put the verification code from the 2FA that you have been using, and you're done!

Using 2FA to lock items:

We here at Pirate King Online, care about security and Item security, therefore we have an item in-game called Item-locking Stone This item can lock items in the inventory, or equipped items meaning that these items cannot be traded, sold or destroyed until the item has been unlocked.

To use this item, head over to the item mall in-game at "Character>Page 3" there's the Item "locking Stone" for 10 rums each.

To use this item in your inventory, double click it, and select the item you want to lock.
Once you've selected it, it will appear a red "locked" over the item name, and "lock" over the item icon, this means you've succesfully locked an item.

Unlocking an item
To unlock an item the player must use another Item-locking Stone and doubble click it and select the locked item, this will open a new window where the player must type their 2FA code, in order to prove that its the original owner of the account that attempts to unlock the item.

When that's done, a message should appear like this: