Item Mall

I cannot purchase item from Item Mall

Often Item Mall problems resolves itself immediately, If you can't purchase for first time, try purchasing again for second time, if it still fails, try closing and opening the client again. If closing and opening the client doesn't fix your problem, Please create a topic in the support centre and staff will step in to aid you. Please verify you have enough Rum for the item you are attempting to purchase too.

I cannot find the item I purchased from Item Mall

Sometime you may experience unfinished purchase, in which system takes away your rum and not yet finished assigning the item to you. In most cases the system will time out (in few seconds) and return the Rum immediately to your account. However if you do not see your item or your rum refunded in minutes, You should create a topic in support centre containing all details such as what account, characters, what item you've purchased, what map/region you were located during purchase, and what server time did this occur. A staff will step in deal with locked transactions and make appropriate fixes if necessary.

What is Rum

Rum is digital currency that is untradeable and bound to your game account (not shareable among your game accounts), With Rum you may purchase various assortment of items from Item Mall to aid your game play.

What is Rum Barrels

Rum Barrels is digital currency that is untradeable and bound to your forum account, You cannot purchase items with Rum Barrels, Instead Rum Barrels are exchangeable to Rum by any of your game accounts. When you purchase you will first receive the Rum Barrels and then you can decide where the Rum Barrels are exchanged using one of your game account.