I cannot download

We provide multiple mirrors and types of downloads, If you are unable to download from our multiple sourced mirrors, You have something that is actively blocking the downloads, It could be your firewall, Anti-Virus, Anti-spyware, Intrusion detection system, or common filtering on your PC, or by your internet service provider. You can try using proxy or changing to different internet source to try downloading again.

I cannot run launcher

Our launcher is powerful albeit complicated, Sometime you may experience difficulties launching the launcher, Most common problems resolves to some anti-virus or not enough administrative privileges for the launcher to start downloading patches from our update server and start writing important data in program directory. Due to it's nature, many anti-virus or user-account-control will prevent or disrupt it's activity. Please disable or whitelist the launcher, and ensure the launcher is always launched as administrator.

I cannot run client","text"=>"There are many reasons that may impede your client from running, Including technical difficulties, Incorrect credentials, and/or many more various reasons. Due to complex and various reasons, You are suggested to create a topic in support centre with details of your error/problem and staff will step-in and aid you personally.

What is Hexathlon","text"=>"Hexathlon is series of quests that grants enormous EXP to character. Hexathlon is very popular and crowded game feature. We host Hexathlon event from time to time, In promote server's welfare and boost economy we may host Hexathlon. Hexathlon is powerful tool, players may use this event to level up rapidly or prepare series of items to sell during the event. You can read more about how Hexathlon works and why it's incredibly fun by reading topics about Hexathlon in forum.

When is next Hexathlon ","text"=>"Hexathlon is \"GM\"-hosted event, Meaning the Hexathlon is not permanently scheduled like every other weekend but rather from time to time, When appropiate the GMs will activate and allow Hexathlon quests to be taken, GMs will always announce in beforehand so players can prepare in ahead for Hexathlon runs. Nobody knows when the next Hexathlon, and nobody else can tell you, until there is official news posted on website/forum.

What are game rates","text"=>"EXP, Drop, Fairy, Resource, And Party are 1x. Please also note that all characters above Lv70 get half EXP from monsters than usual.

When is there EXP/DROP events","text"=>"Nobody knows when, But when there are events, We always announce it beforehand by forums, website, social medias, So keep on look out for the next events!

Why is server down","text"=>"As We improve server in one or other ways, Often We might need to restart servers to allow short maintenance to perform upgrades on our servers including hardware, software, internet, and other miscellaneous things. Also we perform full backups as well log rotations during those time. Most of the time the server is down only for few minutes, But may extend to longer duration. During the longer duration we will make announcement and keep all players updated during the time.

Why I cannot connect server","text"=>"Unlikely reason would be because server is currently restarting or experiencing difficulties, More likely reason is because your computer or internet is blocking the connection between your computer and our servers. Common causes include recent change in your computer, like new anti-virus, change of internet service provider that may disrupt unusual or unfamiliar internet activity. If such problem is persistent you should create a topic at our support centre with details and staff will step in to aid you.

\"Cannot find any server\"","text"=>"Your launcher wasn't able to find any online servers to connect, Most common reasons are due to your anti-virus or internet service provider blocking your launcher from loading this web page You should try visiting this page by your web browser, if the page does load, you should try pinging the IP address given in that page. If you cannot still find any server, You should create a topic in support centre containing details and staff will step in and aid you.

How do I get unique gems","text"=>"There are many ways to receive unique gems however they are incredibly rare. For more information or methods to get unique gems please visit our database or forum for guides to how receive unique gems.

Where are unique gems in Item Mall","text"=>"Unique Gems are very special items, Because they have colossal impact on game play experience, Item Mall will only mean oversupply of gems creating imbalanced game playing. Gems are only obtainable from game due to fact we promote and encourage players to farm gems instead of purchasing.

Where is mordo fairies","text"=>"You cannot obtain or purchase Mordo fairies.

Why isn't mordo fairies available","text"=>"Mordo fairy are unusual fairies and when you breed(marriage) with Mordo, There is possibility of producing Mordo Junior, Mordo Junior has too much of benefit. Due to early and unmatured server economy, Mordo is not obtainable and it's children Mordo Junior is neither obtainable as well.

I would like to be GM","text"=>"Thanks for your consideration of helping out Pirate King Online. Currently GMs are for game developers only.

I would like to volunteer","text"=>"We're happy to know you want to volunteer however there is no official or prompt ways to become volunteer, But you can start by being active in-game as well forum, By lending hand to those who need help or have questions about game. Maybe some day we will require player moderators or forum moderators, Be on look out.

Why is leveling so difficult","text"=>"It is not difficult, But rather norm, Due to changing culture and expectations among players you may feel or experience exaggerated amount of time grinding compared to others games. However in this game it's intend that leveling is important aspect and for every level you gain additional should be meaningful as they grant more content access as well more stat/skills points.

Can you help me level up","text"=>"Staffs cannot aid or help any players because it would be unfair to other players as well it would mean obliterating the purpose of playing MMORPG if everything was corrupted.

Can you give me free things","text"=>"Staffs cannot aid or help any players because it would be unfair to other players as well it would mean obliterating the purpose of playing MMORPG if everything was corrupted.

Can you ban my friend","text"=>"Staffs do not get involved with players affairs, Nor we comment or speculate on players affairs. This means that while there are game policies and we expect you to abide those policies, We however deal with players disciplinary at our own judgement and most cases do not get players involved at all. You may report or warn staff about illegal activities via forum.

How do I play on mac","text"=>"Our game was developed for windows, and thus you cannot play on mac. Please note that running emulators or wrappers on mac is not supported, if you choose to do so you will not receive any support from us at all, including problems that are not related to mac/emulators/wrappers.