I cannot create account

Accounts are created by using your facebook account, for increased security and seamless login, When you sign up you will be directed to facebook for account creation. Afterwards you've signed up with facebook, You'll be directed to final page where you may choose username, set your birthday and avatar.

Facebook did not provide an email address for your account. Please ensure you have confirmed email address listed in Facebook and try again

Our service uses facebook authentication, As when you sign up for account at Pirate King Online, You will be asked to use your facebook account as point of authentication, Which means your facebook account needs to be in good standing and verified, Otherwise facebook cannot provide us the essential information such as your email address to complete sign up. Please go to your facebook account and verify you have completed confirm email address on your facebook account first.

I cannot create game account

All accounts are granted with one game account at start, However to create more game accounts you need to invite your facebook friends to get more game accounts. More game accounts means you can play with more characters.

I cannot login game

There are many reasons that may impede your login ability, Including technical difficulties, Incorrect credentials, and/or many more various reasons. Due to complex and various reasons, You are suggested to create a topic in support centre with details of your error/problem and staff will step-in and aid you personally.