News Tidbits [01-19-2018]


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May 25, 2016
  • Chaos Argent now broadcasts some messages that includes:
  • Kill Streaks: When character has killed someone else, and quickly make succession kills, all of players inside Chaos Argent will receive bicker notice about this feat.
  • CA Stats: When Chaos Argent ends (closes) it now will broadcast various data including most deaths, total players, best kill streaks, peak concurrent players.
  • Featured Kill: The system will choose a featured kill currently the system chooses the most whoever had the lowest HP whilst killing someone. This feature is also announced at end of CA. We're looking to improve this system and somehow come up with better way of featuring kills from CA. We're here listening to players about their opinions on how to feature the best kill.
  • Blessed Potion now display additional comments when user decides to use blessing potion in rapid succession, meaning if you drink a blessed pot, and drink it again shortly afterwards the cool down, you'll be called out with snide comment for consuming so many potions. (how many blessed potions do you have anyways??)
  • Offline Stalls now closes itself after 96 hours from the last item purchase, this means, after you've setup a stall, the stall will close itself unless someone purchases from your stall, resetting the timeout period back to 96 hours. The goal of this change is to improve and encourage better stall, if your stall is legitimate one and actually provide sales, it will be not closed automatically. We felt 96 hours is very plenty grace period, but may even reduce it to 72 hours if we don't see improvement in messy stalls situations.
  • The monster previews (preview-renders) has been changed a little bit to improve how they are exhibited. There are new widgets (sidebar) as well web mall page showing random packages if you visit the mall dashboard page. The NPCs are now better displayed on the maps allowing players to easily locate the NPCs.
  • Website is being continuously improved if you have yet not noticed design changes, you still can expect a lot more of design improvements.
  • Website also had a lot of bugs fixed that included many missing pages, as well unknown pages, there should be no dead URLs, kindly let us know if you've found something that doesn't work still.
Pirate King Online Team