Patch Abandon 5-17


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May 31, 2016

From the Little Daniel's diary of Abbandon lower floors:

Unusual emission of power from the upper floors of Abandon was a natural follow up of events taking place there, as we thought.
Having reached the last known levels, I discovered a new unknown gate deeper.
It is not necessary to describe what that means. You all may remember what happened to the military research base, and in fact, gates there opened only for 10 hours.
The new gate, at the time of writing this report, did not disappear and do not seem to be going to do so.

The situation is so serious, that audience with High Priest was given to discuss ways to close the gates to the Abandon. And believe me, I'm not exaggerating.
Together we managed to close the gates in a timely manner upon their discovery, and now every seven days we will contemplate the recurrence of the event that led to the events.
Fortunately, after a few hours, the gate closes and the Abandon returns to normal.
And interestingly enough. All the loot gathered within remain intact. I'm not sure of the reasons for this.
Some weapons, according to the Satan Blacksmith, has no equivalent among his products.
With this report, I send examples of found artifacts.
The gate opens every Saturday at 12AM or 6PM depending on the lunar phase.

I advise you to hire a couple of mercenary units from adventurers, and after some little preparation, organize several raids to the lower floors.
Also, I bring to the attention of, Diviner - Hocus Pocus started buying out all new artifacts.
Look after him, we do not need another attack on Spring town. As last time, we barely managed to defeat Evil beings.

Pirate King Online Team