+30spr tiger Bone Tonic bug and intense magic

Sep 18, 2016
@Zankza @Developer
I tried the using One of the pots during CA before and i did not notice it first because CA got less damage Conch Ray and rushing to kill other players but i feel a little weaker that time
and then use it while on quest just to quickly pass through monsters by killing them and i just noticed this instead of
giving me +30 spr its gives me -30 spr while on intense magic here is the Video i made just to show you how it works
i also try using pots first and i got the right amount of Spr my base is 95 and it gives me 30 = 125 but when i use intense magic there's no more additional
extra 500 damage that suppose to be giving by Level 10 intense magic buff i see this as a bug, i don't know if there are other players know this or other just don't use pots anymore
or maybe they know this thats why Pots maker is not making money now
i haven't tried the other Wines those Pots for RB that also gives +spr longer than tonic this is What i found out myself just now.

Thank you for making time to read this
IGN- shampoo class- Voyager Level - 71