1. Mitgard (DS) Barbarosa run (Pirate King Online)

    Mitgard (DS) Barbarosa run (Pirate King Online)

    Mitgard DS guild takes on the evil Barborosa! This time a bunch of level 55s give him a hard time.
  2. tiago

    Black Dragon Equipment Guide

    Today my girlfriend asked in the discord about the bd set, asked if a player actually had the set. And the players said yes. She asked if there was any process to get it, and they told her how the process was and they told her to see it on google, so I wanted to make this guide so that other...
  3. tiago

    First page of the pirate newspaper!!

    Good afternoon everyone is posting our first page of the pirate newspaper. I'm happy but I did the precautions because I'm at work, at the moment I posted two remarkable things I hope you enjoy it and of course I have a better layout of the newspaper page on my laptop at home. I hope you like it...