1. Pirate King Online - Tales of ShowTime | Mirror of Souls

    Pirate King Online - Tales of ShowTime | Mirror of Souls

    The transition through No Way guild to ShowTime. Lots of memories attained together which should live forever. ~I have seen my soul in the mirror and it has broken me I have seen myself so much clearer than I had ever seen.~
  2. ShowStricted


    Why do I keep missing these beautiful moments? </3
  3. Pirate King Online 2018 - ShowTime first Black Dragon

    Pirate King Online 2018 - ShowTime first Black Dragon

    IMPORTANT NOTE: The short meme fraction of the video has no intention of offending anybody, I apologize in advance if this causes any controversy~ As 2017 ends and 2018 starts, we created a guild to go against Restricted... this was our first Black Dragon! Even though we technically lost, I...
  4. [Awesome] Pirate King Online 2018 - Chaos Argent PK [#23]

    [Awesome] Pirate King Online 2018 - Chaos Argent PK [#23]

    ShowTime joined Holliweed, they slowly grew together to finally face the fierce forces of Restricted!
  5. L

    [Request] Guild Bank

    Explanation: I am asking for guild bank because many guilds have guild bank on separate account which few people have access to. Reason: Account sharing is not legit so it would be bad if guild bank account with items gets banned. I also wanna hear players opinions about this. @Zankza...
  6. Sil3ncedShadow

    Can't Create Pirate Guild? Limit Msg

    Hi sorry for another question but, I tried creating a guild with stone of oath plus 1 mil and over lvl 40 and got a message stating "Pirate the amount of guilds has reached the maximum limit within the system" something like that but i'd just like to ask, is there an actual limit to amount of...
  7. Developer

    New Guild System

    We would like to open a discussion on the proposal of new Guild system that was based on players suggestions. Leader: A system, where current Guild Leader can transfer it's rights to another member by simply selecting a player from Guild list, and assigning rights. Levelling: Allow guilds...
  8. iBruno

    Seeking old Sunset\Diamond Isle players

    Hello there guys. I'm a top1 veteran who used to play with the ingame names of LansHamilton\BrunoBlades\iBruno and my infamous staller named HeForgotAZeroXD. I was wondering if there are any Skull\Sunset or Diamond isle veterans here who would like to team up and work up a guild to remember the...