1. Pirate King Online - Abanico Team | PvP Event [Commented]

    Pirate King Online - Abanico Team | PvP Event [Commented]

    So my friends YoungSavage, xGreed, Mishker and Mercenary06 and me joined the unofficial PvP event hosted by Spidpex! as the Abanico team, we went in there to blow everyone away!
  2. gonGGuez

    New Event Sugestion - Sea Lords Siege

    Ayoy Pirates, How's everyone? Hope you all good, I came here today to sugest a new event for our beloved developers and Game Master's! Everyone remember the past event Pirate Lords Siege? So, I looked at that as a attack from the mobs on argent city, all rigth we defeated them, we are superior...
  3. Zankza

    Game Event Hexathlon - 9/30/2017

    We will be running hexathlon this upcoming Saturday September 30th, with total of five rounds 10 minutes per each. Saturday 03:00 UTC 06:00 UTC 12:00 UTC 14:00 UTC 18:00 UTC Pirate King Online Team
  4. Zankza


    It is this time of year again where everyone feels sand buried beneath their feets, gloated by warmth of local campfire. Nurtured by finger-licking delicious foods with plenty of extravagant activity for everyone to participate. PKO Team is happy to announce we've got a lot of events for all...
  5. LuisaRLZ

    PvP For Funz Event

    Hello guys! I am organizing a non-profit, no-prizes, just-for-fun PvP event, which I will stream in my Twitch channel and then re-upload it to my youtube channel! Watch this short text video if you're interested in joining :) It will be a delight if players do join this event ^^ Watch it live...
  6. aduan

    ☼ Facebook Event ☼

    we call all your friends to attend this event please confirm your presence on the Facebook page will be very cool. I hope all 29th link> https://www.facebook.com/events/1706954802890351/