1. Lvling Up to 80

    Lvling Up to 80

    It only took 7-8 months. XD
  2. MZarur

    Stealth Bug

    @Developer @Zankza It's happening in CA and DW for 2 days and it's ruining all the defensive method for Crusaders. Killing strategies and impairing us in the mazes. Developer already know how to reproduce, but seems that some abnormal situations appeared when u are totally safe and a...
  3. iBruno

    Guide The way of Chivalry, being a good crusader

    Welcome, fellow crusaders or squires, today I will be talking about how a crusader's life is, but first you must become a squire and undergo intense training to then figure out to how to become one. First things first, you must be a swordsman, and to be a swordsman you must be a Lance (the...
  4. [i]TuneeS

    Zekk's Store !

    Selling Lv55 Staff SM +11 Spr Boots lv55 SS +7 Acc Pm in game ( Zekkenn/PkGuardiann)
  5. Arsdy

    B>> Crusader Enigma Glove

    i would like to buy Enigma Glove for crusader with or without apps . Just leave ur offer here or pm me ign Please pm me in game [Assassin]