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    S> Lv45 +9 ACC Gloves SS - Lv26 1st Gen ACC Fairy

    - Peacock Gloves (Lv45 SS Gloves) +9 ACC with 2 Clean Sockets and unfused. - Lv26 1st Gen ACC Fairy with full Growth, it has Novice Meditation and Novice Recover. IGN: Yach. :D
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    Price check thread

    - Lv26 1st Gen ACC Fairy - Lv45 SS +9 ACC 2 Sockets Gloves
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    Great! Now we need Shaitan Dock ones D:

    Great! Now we need Shaitan Dock ones D:
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    Lving up pet lv 40

    You know what could be good, "nerfing" Meditation Skill so that items that add SP and/or SP Recovery Rate are more useful and people don't just spam skills and changing the way Protection works so that it becomes useful hehehe.
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    Pet skills

    True, remove it alongside with Protection cause that shit is useless please, and it also makes Clerics almost invincible with their SP shield skill. Changing some game mechanics doesn't make the game bad, just saying :rolleyes:.
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    Pet skills

    That happens quite a lot, very unfair feature.
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    News Tidbits [5-26-2017]

    That's not what the post says, but if it is like that i believe that was a pretty bad move. Making the game harder doesn't make it funnier and instead of screwing the SQ rewards that's the way for many people to do money you should on focus on fixing other things, for example the poor desciption...
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    Error: Open File [scripts/table/iteminfo.bin] Failed! Program will exit!

    I'm getting that crappy error everytime I press Start Game and the loading screen that you can't move shows up. I already did version check, restarted my pc and reinstalled the game.
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    hi i been scammed

    Dude if you get scammed and didn't at least made a video of how it happened you're screwed. But that sword is a shit, get an Enigma Chest one and if you're poor why would you pay for an appareal??? That's like the guys with Newbie Chest armor that spend all their money on Devil Wings.
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    Darks Swamp guide small mistake.

    Nice! I'll try to post any other mistakes I find so that they are easily corrected.
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    Darks Swamp guide small mistake.

    Just to be corrected. The Dark Swamp guide Overview says "There is only 1 level in Dark Swamp. However, it is separated into 3 regions. It consists of elite monsters ranging from level 40 to 55. The entrance to Dark Swamp will be open for 60 minutes at Magical Ocean (1509, 3666) near Shaitan...
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    Intermittent Disconnections

    It happens to me sometimes too, but if you're leveling your Fairy just leave an offline stall.
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    This dude seems to be botting at 1509, 3093 Magical Ocean, I'm talking to him but he doesn't answer and keeps howling.
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    Killing Anubis Party

    Hey Guys, I just wanted to make this post to know if there's someone interested in doing a party for killing Anubis for the Story Quest (Not right now but later), my ingame name is Yach I'm a Lv52 SS so I can't do shit to him alone hehehehe, if anyone wants to do the party leave your character...
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    Behemoth monopolyzed

    This happens quite a lot and this issue would be easily fixed if Behemoth's respawn time was lower (around 20 - 25 minutes i think would be ok). His respawn time Is a complete nonesense. The ammount of HP he has and his location doesn't make him worth killing for EXP, he has a good ammount of...