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    If it still does not work , go to run, type cmd and hit enter. In Command prompt type ipconfig /flushdns. Try loading client and website again. If the problem persists restart your router.
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    How I increase the security of my account

    Enable 2FA authentication.
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    happy new year

    happy new year
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    Gun lv 45 (Kiss Of the Cursed) bug?

    Hey dude, its not -12 aspd it is -12%, calculate 12% of 160 aspd which is 19.2( rounded to 20). Now subtract 160-20 = 140 aspd voila.
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    Comment by 'HostileNub' in media 'Zankza'

    its gemmed
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    News Christmas Wings

    there should be an new option "get your wings done" for 1k rums , so you can have the limited version forever
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    You are using windows xp , it probably need .NET framework 3.5 or 4 please try downloading it and try .
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    WTF!!! I NEED HELP !!!

    I doubt its expensive to remake a FC char again, even if you have to buy expert poss its hardly 8m .
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    PKO relaxation music

    nice effort !! all the best for your future work :)
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    Branch of defecate

    Can be fused only on Swords.
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    The creative side of Pirate King Online!.(Fanart)

    colorful and beautiful :)
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    Wild Idea? Gem Choices?

    i think its very economical , forging lvl 3 rages on swords at the current market rate would cost 160m (inclusive of refs)* , while assuming cracked rages cost around 2m* , and broken around 1m* with refs to reach lvl 3 would cost around 30-35m *( even with inflated prices it would cost around...
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    Wild Idea? Gem Choices?

    I do agree with the chipped gems being overpowered. How about allowing cracked and broken to be forged together and capped at lvl 3 but cannot be forged when UG is forged, this way broken gems wont go useless and there will be more equips gemmed and also sourcing of these gems from FC and DS...
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    cleric skill

    Check for skill info and preview here It can be used to freeze yourself or any target and make yourself or target invulnerable for few seconds. (Target here refers to other players in your party or guild ) This is the skill in action in...
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    Trying to buy some RUMs

    i doubt bank approves bank transfers on Sundays or weekends, most probably it will reach you by Monday.