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    S>2x BOEs 110% gemmed

    Fork BOE 110% lvl 3 lust and lvl 2 rage @100m BOE 110% lvl 3 lust 2 sockets @40m Pm me @Beavr
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    B>1050 rums for 21m

    Pm me @Beavr
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    S>lvl 75 Ami cleric armour +5 spr +5 con 25 pr

    Price is 18m Pm me @Beavr
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    Bug Report: Stalls with xenomorph spikes for sale crashes your game

    It just says pko has stopped working
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    Bug Report: Stalls with xenomorph spikes for sale crashes your game

    Not sure if its just me but theres a bug in the game that crashes my game whenever i click on a stall that sells xenomorph spike
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    FC Cleric hat +6 SPR

    Selling this hat for 10m, pm me @Beavr
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    Help for Crusader Equips

    Imo you should get DOEs with at least +2 lust, it helps alot with farming till 65 or even 70. Dont waste your money on CA frame or lvl 65 AOE, use lvl 55 AOEva till 70 when you get Hermes frame.You dont need UGs till after 70+ so just get +3 lust on swords and gloves when you hit lvl 65 so you...
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    Safe spots in summer for farming

    Hi guys, Does anyone know of a safe spot besides the one below the bd port? Thanks
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    Plvl System - Zankza make this Happen

    What if the buyer dcs and doesnt come back? Plvlers wont get anything based on your system. Plvling is based mostly on trust, newbies should ask around for igns of plvlers most players trust so it lowers the risks of scamming.
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    B>High lvl str FOE with std skills

    Buying a str foe with 3 skills and at least std berserk and recover Min lvl 36 to max lvl Pm me @Beavr with stats and offers
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    S/T>lvl 39 2nd gen str pet 3 skills (2 std)

    lvl 39 gen 2 str pet with std zerk, std rec and nov medi Selling @ 36m, also looking for trade to a similar lvl str FOE Pm me @Beavr or visit my stall @ argent 2245,2785
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    I swear this spidex dude just wants to ruin the game

    If you cant understand lazy people, maybe you should try understanding that people have jobs and lives so they cant spend so much time farming. How about you be abit more understanding instead of creating a utter useless post slandering someone?
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    Beavr's Power Leveling Services

    Hi guys, I am selling plvling everyday when i am online. My rates are: lvl 50-55 : 200k/lvl @ Isle of chill) lvl 55-59 : 300k/lvl @ Isle of chill till 57 and Solace haven from 57 till 59) lvl 59+ : 150k/15mins @ Isle of fortune I am a lvl 71 cruz with enough dmg to one slash all mobs pm @...
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    Bought equipment cata instead of fusion cata by mistake, Zank help pl0x

    I bought 2 equipment cata by mistake, was wonder if anything can be done