UI and Controls

UI and Controls

The User Interface (UI) is something which players are met with from the moment they enter Pirate King Online. Its various elements can give a lot of information at a quick glance, so it's something definitely worth learning. Let's begin!

PKO's UI is quite newbie-friendly and easy to understand, however, breaking it down into separate elements will make the learning process much simpler.
First, the elements should be divided into Static and Dynamic. Static elements are ones which are constantly present in the game, although players are able to affect or remove most of them. Dynamic elements are those that a player has to open in order to be able to view them.

Static elements:

In the top right corner is the Player element. It is an extremely useful element as it can give a lot of information on the player's state at a quick glance. Its left-most part is a square which shows the player's headset, next to it is the Player level, followed by the name, below which are HP (Red), SP (Blue) and EXP (Yellow) bars. Glancing here can quickly alert the player if they need to restore their HP and SP, or if they're about to level up.

Descending a bit leads to the Chat element. The top side, in yellow letters, shows the system chat. Players will be alerted of various things happening, the Weather, any EXP, Gold or items they've obtained and similar events.
Below that is the player chat. Viewing this section will allow the players to see the recent messages from himself or other fellow players. Below it is the chat box, where players are able to type something that they want to say.

Additionally, there's 3 buttons to the left and 3 buttons to the right of it. The first one from the left will allow the player to select which Channel they want to talk in.

Local - Displays the message to all nearby players
Party - Displays the message to the player's party (if he has one), this can also be done by putting an exclamation mark (!) in front of the message.
Guild - Displays the message to the player's guild (if he has one), this can also be done by putting the percentage sign (%) in front of the message.
Trade - Displays the message to all online players, this can also be done by putting a caret (^) in front of the message.
World - Displays the message to all online players, this can also be done by putting an asterisk (*) in front of the message.
Camp - Displays the message to the player's faction if he's in Sacred War, this can also be done by putting a vertical bar (|) in front of the message.

Note: World and Trade chat consume a small amount of gold for each message!

Other than that, players are able to send private messages (PMs) to other players, which will only be visible by the receiving player. This is done by putting the at sign (@) in front of the player's name and then typing a message. Here's an example below!

The "Chat bubble" button allows players to mute certain channels, including PM; whereas the thin "Arrow" button allows players to view a list of the players they've sent PMs to and clear it.

As for the 3 buttons on the right, these will allow players to: put Emoticons in their message; do a certain Action with their character; and display different Squidies above their character to show their Mood - respectively.

Additionally, players are able to scroll through their chat, using the scroll bar or Arrows below or above it; and increase the chat size by dragging the buttons just above and left of the system or player chat respectively.

Next to the chat is the Hotkey Element. This allows players to place certain Items and Skills for quicker access, as they will be able to use them by pressing F1-F12.
Tip: Clicking the arrows next to F12 will bring additional bars up (or down) which lets players place even more Items or skills there which will be usable by clicking on them.

The last of the Static elements is the Minimap, another crucial element where players can gain a lot of information simply by looking at it - located in the top right corner. It will show the player's surroundings.
Besides the nature around them; the Arrow is the player himself, the Red dots are Monsters, the Blue dots are fellow Players, and lastly, the Orange dots are Resources (Trees, Ores, etc.), it will also show the name of the Region the player is in and the Coordinates.
The minimap can be closed (and re-opened) though, simply by pressing Alt+M. Though it is not recommended!

Dynamic elements:

As it was said above, these elements are ones the player is able to open and close at will, more of them are located as buttons in the bottom right corner, however there is a few buttons near the Minimap as well. Players can open these by using certain Keyboard shortcuts.

To start off, the Round Arrow button on the minimap will open up the Radar, a very useful tool for new players to get the hang of orientation. This nifty feature will allow players to input any coordinates, as well as the Region and an arrow will show up, telling the player the direction of his desired coordinates.
Shortcut: Alt + R

Next to the Radar is the World Map, which will show all areas that the player has explored. It does not show monsters, players or anything that the Minimap does, it simply lets players see how far they are from a certain place or take a look at the beautiful world of PKO.
Shortcut: Alt + W

The last element is the Item Mall, in the form of a Shopping Cart Button. This allows players to view the In-game Mall and perhaps do a bit of shopping if they have Rum!
Shortcut: none

Now, for the rest of the dynamic elements, which are located in the bottom right corner:
The left-most one brings up the player's Stats. Although some of these stats are visible on the Player element, players can get immensely more information here, however, it is not always as convenient because it's harder to read than simply looking at the Player element.
Shortcut: Alt+A

Next up is the Item button, which will open two separate Buttons, "Inventory" and "Temporary Bag". The Inventory one will open up the Inventory, where players are able to view its content, remove or equip Equipment, lock their inventory using the Security lock, or delete Items by dragging them to the "trash can".
Whereas in the Temporary bag, they can view its contents and drag those items to the main Inventory.
Hint: The Temporary Bag is where Items purchased in the Item Mall show up.
Shortcut: Alt+E for Inventory, Alt+D for Temporary Bag

Skill will bring up the Player's Skills, where a player is able to view, cast, level up or drag Skills to the Hotkey element. The Skills are categorized, as Player Skills, Life Skills and Fairy Skills, different categories can be viewed by selecting the "Sword", "Axe" and "Fairy" buttons in Skills.
Shortcut: Alt+S

After Skills, Quest will show the player's current accepted Quests, showing their objective, rewards, description, type and their completion status.
Shortcut: Alt+Q

First button on the right half is Social Skill, which will open another button, Guild. Clicking that button will display everything about Guilds. The members, applicants, type, and, if the player is a Guild leader, the possibility to accept, remove players or disband the guild.
Shortcut (For guild): Alt+C

A bit to the right of that is Help, which will let players view a few tips regarding the game.
Shortcut: Alt+H

Settings will allow the player to meddle with the Resolution, Quality, Camera, Full screen, Sound; as well as Switch Character, Log the account off, or Exit the Game without pressing Alt+F4.
Shortcut: Alt+O

And the last button, the biggest of them all, Friend, will open up the player's Friend List. Here, the player can view the people he's friends with, people he's in party or in guild with, mentor, disciple or any current chat that he has.

Members whose name is black are offline, while the members whose name is red are online. The two buttons below allow players to send a friend request and edit their motto (Message in brackets beside their name) respectively. By double clicking on an online player's name, a different version of chat is engaged, in a separate window.

The chat functions normally, however, multiple players can be dragged to the list. Players may also leave the conversation, delete all messages, save them in Logs, or put Emoticons!

Shortcut: Alt+F

Additional Controls:

-Auto-following another player: Alt + clicking on the player
-Removing player models (HIGHLY recommended in dense areas to remove lagg): Ctrl + B
-Removing stall titles (HIGHLY recommended in dense areas to remove lagg): Ctrl + S