Tiger Gamble (Jackpot)

The Jackpot, is a gambling machine, that can be located in 3 cities, Shaitan, Icicle and Thundoria Castle.
The jacpot will require you to use your Fairy Coin in attempt to get good gems/equipments as rewards, depending on your luck.
To use the jackpot there are a few things to note.
  • The minimum requirent to use it is 5 Fairy coins (for 1 row of gamble)
  • You must not have above 1900000000g in your inventory

The Jackpot in Thundoria castle

The second Jackpot

And the Last Jackpot

Using the Jackpot requires you to click it and select "Try your luck, play a round!" Once you click this, a window will open

When it's open, it requires you to "bet" your fairy coins in a gamble, meaning you're required to click the gray marks, then the jackpot will put a hold of 5 fairy coins, per gray mark you check. It's recomended to check them all, to get the best possible benefit if you win with all the rows.

While you click check on all the gray marks, you are free to click "Start" now all the rows will start spinning and show alot of diffrent items

At this point you would have to click "Stop" under each picture in order to try to match pictures.
If the picture displays that you won forexample, Alphabet Card E, on firs row, and then a Alphabet A card on second row, and Diamonds on third row, this will mean that you won't be getting any rewards.


This is an example, how it looks, it's a fail, meaning i didnt get anything, because none of the rows are filled, or has any connections.

To win in the jackpot, you would have to either fill a row, or fill all the rows, and then you would end up winning that item that shows up, it can be anything from Apparels, to gems, to just weponds.

How to know if you've won? if all the 9 rows, are displaying Diamond you've won jackpot, and can get alot of good rewards
But you can also win some some gold, if you get 1 diamond in a row, and then 3 in the middle and 1 on the last row, it all depends on how luck you are with the placement of your diamonds.

This is an example, I got first row 1 diamond, second 3 diamonds, and third 1 diamond. I've got some rewards, for getting diagonals (White diagonal) as shown on the picture, and you can get more rewards if you would fill 2 rows of all 3 diamonds, sideways too.

What more is there to say, than Happy Gambling and Good Luck Pirates!