Story Quest Part 3

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<p>Talk to Hotel Owner Sang Di (287|2560)</p>

<p>Daisha's Nightmare
She will tel u to go to Icicle Physican Daisha. Talk to him and return to Spring Isle.
Talk to hocus pocus (3262|2502)</p>

<p>Mischief of Fox Toaist
Kill 10x fox toaist
Reward 100k gold.
Return to Daisha and he'll send u to banker Belinda.</p>

<p>Rescue Belinda
Talk to her, and return to Hocus Pocus.</p>

<p>Mytho Crystal Ball
Get 2 azure crystal (Feral Blood polliwog @ (2550|400) Ascaron sea region. ((or Elite Werewolves by thundoria (west gate) ))
Get 3 Perfect Crystal (Horrific Cursed Corpse @ (360|1340)
Return to Hocus Pocus.
Reward 800k exp &amp; 200k gold</p>

<p>Mischief of Fox Spirit
Kill 5 Fox Spirits.
Reward 800k gold &amp; 2mil exp
Go back to Belinda, and she will send u to Hocus Pocus again.</p>

<p>Mischief of Fox Sage
Kill Fox Sage ((West Spring, cross underwater tunnel for it,, coords will be given later))
Reward 800k gold,, 2.5mil exp and 60k Life skill exp.</p>

<p>Big Secret
Kill 1 Cyclonic Sea Jelly (3750|1275) Magical Ocean
Reward 800k Gold 60k lifeskill exp.</p>

<p>Spirit of Roland
Talk to Sang Di (spring isle,, very close by so no need for coords =) )</p>

<p>Heal Sang Di
She will ask u to get a "Healer Robe" from Terra Soldier Leader. (546|2726) or juz buy from NPC in Shaitan
Reward 800k gold &amp; 1mil exp</p>

<p>Sorcerer's Bone Powder
Then she will ask to hunt 3 magical bones (juz below Icespire haven)
Reward 200k Exp 700k gold and 60k lifeskill exp</p>

<p>Highly Nutrinous Product
Now she wants u to get 1 Chimera horn (Chimera's in Solace haven).
Reward 100k gold and 800k exp</p>

<p>Forgotten Past
Talk to hotel owner Sang Di again,, and she will send u to High Priest Gannon (north Shaitan).</p>

<p>Memory Capsule
Note all type of Characters (Phyllis, Ami, Lance and Carsise) have to do another part of this quest.</p>

<p>Phyllis Quest (Credits to: Elgrum)
Talk to Mysterous Granny (Argent)</p>

<p>Amber Tear
Deliver Amber Tear to Langa
You'll obtain:80k gold</p>

<p>Calcium Replenishment
Get Amethyst Dolphin Dorsal Fin (from Amethyst Dolphin Magical Ocean (900|2000)
You'll obtain:
800k experience points
100k gold
60k live experience points</p>

<p>Revival Clover
Get Revival clover
You'll obtain:
800k experience points
60k live experience points</p>

<p>Side effect
Get Murky Polliwog Blood (drops from moster named in quest Great Prowling Polliwog, but actually: Stealth Great Polliwog Magical Ocean (900|1308)
You'll obtain:
800k experience points
100k gold
60k live experience points</p>

<p>Ami Quest
Talk to Gannon (north Shaitan City)
He send u to talk to Langa in Shaitan city. (Fairy Marriage NPC),, He'll send u to deliver a Treasure map to Merman Prince at the shaitan south beach.
U'll obtain a piece of Moonstone, and sended to Physican Ditto in Argent.
10 pure water
3 Energetic Tea and
1 Strong Dorsal fin.
U'll recieve Eyedrop. 60K life skill points and 100k gold. After he'll send u to Salvier.
Salvier asks u to get 1 Shroud (it asks u to go to abbandon,, but Cursed Corpse drop it aswel ^^ (360|1440).
Rewards 100k gold 60k Life Exp and sunstone.</p>

<p>Bring sun stone to Gannon. (High Priest in Shaitan)
Rewards 800k gold 60k Life Exp and 2mil exp.</p>

<p>Then go back to Spring Isle Hotel owner Sang Di.
Rewards 200k gold 60k Life Exp and 800k exp.</p>

<p>Carsise Quest (Credits to: SchaapjeBlaaT)
Talk to Minelli (1244 3186)</p>

<p>Used Candle
Find 1 Used candle (from dark mud monster found north of Chaldea)</p>

<p>Restore Past
Obtain restoration potion from Ditto (2248 2771 argent city)
1 murky polliwog blood
3 energetic tea
3 incitant
Back to Minelli
Back to Gannon</p>

<p>Let Go Off Love
Give the Lotus Clover u get from Gannon to Minelli
Back to Gannon
Return to sang di (spring island)</p>

<p>Lance Quest (Credits to: KingChrono)</p>

<p>Memory Soup
Look for Merman Prince (1254|3491) {Magical Ocean} to obtain the recipe of the Memory Soup</p>

Find Supermun(1080|3086) {Magical Ocean} for bloodstone</p>

<p>Invitation letter
Send the invitation letter to Shaitan banker Judis.
Head back to Merman Prince (1254|3491) {Magical Ocean} with the bloodstone.</p>

<p>Memory Soup Recipe
Get 10 Arabic Dark Pearl Fragment (3289|1746) {Deep Blue}
Get 1 Thick Transparent Polliwog Tail (900|1308) {Magical Ocean} *
*The quest say the mob is Great Prowling Polliwog, but this mob doesnt exist. The right mob is Stealth Great Polliwog.
Head back to Merman Prince (1254|3491) Magical Ocean
Now return to Priest Gannon (north Shaitan).</p>

<p>Cooling Black Pearl
Obtain 1 Black Pearl
(Easier to get from Sakura 13 Support Ship east from Thundoria Harbor. Or Fox Spirits on spring.)
Give the black pearl to Priest Gannon, complete both quests and go to Spring and talk to Sang Di</p>

<p>Magical Curse
Go to MAS in Icicle.</p>

<p>Tribal Long Spear
Go to LoneTower 1 and get 1x Pointed Tribal Long Spear.
Reward 200k gold and 60k lifeskill exp.
Mas will ask u to kill 1 cursed corpse.
Rewards 200k gold and 800k exp.</p>

<p>Mask of Zorro
Mas ask u to look for Kentaro. (abandoned mine) &lt;&lt; Edited thnks SexyMomma!
He'll ask u to get 1 arista ((cursed water fairy in Sea bed tunnel))
Rewards 800k exp 100k gold and 60k life exp</p>

<p>Stone of Destiny
Get 1 Beastie Borestone from Abbandon lvl 2 Hell Pharaoh A or From Naval Base.
Rewards: 800k exp, 200k gold and 60k Life exp.</p>

<p>Destroy the Mask
Obtain 1 Broken Angel Halo (Corrupted Guardian Angel)
Rewards: 300k gold, 60k life exp.</p>

<p>Enchanted Pouch
Look for General William in Argent
Rewards: 80k gold</p>

<p>Magical Curse
Bring the Sacred Soul Amulet to Sang Di at Spring
Rewards: 1mil exp, 200k gold and 60k life exp.</p>

<p>Gold Powder on the Sacred Amulet
Obtain 10 Gold Coins (Skeletar Isle, all mobs drop it I believe!) &gt; hehe had some in bank lucky me~
Rewards: 100k gold, 800k exp and 60k life exp</p>

<p>Sang Di Guidance
Talk to your Class Teacher. (here it splits up for all Classes)</p>

Talk to Gannon.</p>

<p>Gannon's Suggestion's
Talk to Minelli (She is in Babul Haven)</p>

<p>Harden Will
Cast Harden on yourself
Rewards: 800k exp, 200k gold and 60k life exp
(pretty damn good guest huh?)</p>

<p>With help from Taurus13's post:
Voyager's quest
Talk to Little Daniel in Argent.
Daniel's suggestion
Talk to Harbor Operator Gregory (Salva Haven, 194 1718 Deep Blue)
Reward: 200k gold 800k exp 60k life exp</p>

<p>Story of the Enlightened One
Wait for the Harbor operator to finish the Statistics table (talk to him again)</p>

<p>Crusader's quest
Talk to Peter in Argent
Peter's suggestion
Hunt 1 Frenzied Lizardman
800k exp, 200k gold 60k life exp</p>

<p>Story of the Enlightened One
Wait for Peter to finish the Statistics Table</p>

<p>Story of the Enlightned One
Wait for Minelli to finish the Chart</p>

<p>Who is the Enlightned One
Look for either Langa of Shaitan, Argent City's Ronnie or Icicle City's Reyno for a chat.
You can talk to only one of them. (Langa has the best reward)</p>

<p>Grandeur Oracle (Langa's Quests)
Look for Tailor Bebe</p>

<p>First Gate
Kill 2 Feral Fish Bones (magical ocean 900,1308)
Goodbye to First Gate
Talk to Master Kerra at icespire Haven
2nd Gate
Kill 2 Feral Ruby Dolphin
Goodbye to 2nd Gate
Talk to Marcus at Oasis Haven
3rd Gate
Kill 2 Bewitching Siren
Goodbye to the 3rd Gate
Talk to Xeus at Skeleton Haven
4th Gate
Kill 5 Beardy Pirate Fighter (Isle of Fortune)
Goodbye to the 4th Gate
Find Doctor Masa in Thundoria Castle
5th Gate
Kill 2 Siren Archer
Goodbye to 5th Gate
Look for Dannis at Hubble Haven
6th Gate
Kill 6 Feral White Bobcat (lonetower 1)
Goodbye to the 6th Gate
Look for Zurbi at Atlantis Haven
7th Gate
Kill 7 Terra Captains
Goodbye to the 7th Gate
Talk to Linda at Solace Haven
8th Gate
Kill 8 Deathsoul Soldier
Rewards: 3mil exp, 1mil gold and 120k life exp.</p>

<p>Instructions to the Last Gate
Bring the Oracle to Langa in Shaitan.</p>

<p>The Mystery has been solved
Bring the Stone of Meng to Weird Grandpa in Icicle's haven</p>

<p>Dispute of the Old
Look for Granny Dong in Icicle Haven
Talk to Granny Dong, say 'Hello!' and answer question (Chicken)</p>

<p>Granny's Intellect
Talk to Granny Dong, say 'Hello again!' and answer question
(Turtle, Turtle with sunglasses)</p>

<p>Credits to Taurus13 for the side quest
If you answer "Egg", you'll get another quest "Cure infectious disease".</p>

<p>Cure infectious disease
Bring Grenade lvl3
If you answer "Chicken" then "Rabbit", you'll get another quest "Manual Healing" from Granny Dong.</p>

<p>Manual Healing
Bring Flash Bomb lvl3</p>

<p>Guardian of Truth
Talk to Weird Grampa
Reward: 300k exp, 100k gold and 20k life exp</p>

<li>Check taurus13's post - Stone of Destiny </li>

<p>Counter Probe
Help Mark ( 516,407) at Skeletar Isle defeat :
0 / 4 Deathsoul Turret (Naval Base)
Reward: 80000 EXP, 40000G</p>

<p>Peerless Pirate
Head to Jack Arrow (230,579) at Skeletar Isle and help him defeat :
0 / 30 Deathsoul Soldier (Naval Base)
0 / 15 Deathsoul Officer (Naval Base)
Reward: 200k EXP, 150k Gold</p>

<p>Commander' Head
Talk to Jack Arrow (230,579) at Skeletar Isle .
Help him defeat :
0 / 1 : Deathsoul Commander (Research Shelter - Research Custodian B)
Help him obtain :
0 / 1 : Severed Commander' Head
Reward : 500k EXP, 1m Gold</p>

<p>(2nd Side Quest)</p>

Talk to Jack Arrow (230,579) at Skeletar Isle
Deliver a help request to Captain Jack (1672,3777) at Canary Isle (Magical Ocean)
Reward: none</p>

<p>Jack vs Jack
Talk to Captain Jack ( 1672,3777) at Canary Isle (Magical Ocean)
Help him deliver the challenge to Jack Arrow (230,579) at Skeletar Isle
Reward : 10k EXP, 50k G</p>

<p>Treasure of the Caribbean
Talk to Jack Arrow(230,579) at Skeletar Isle and obtain for him :
0 / 1 Heart of Davy Jones
Hunt down the soul gathering coffins around Skeletar Isle for them
Reward: 250K EXP, 150K G</p>

<p>The Congregation
Talk to Mark (516,407) at Skeletar Isle
Obtain for him :
Bloodied Coin 0 / 1 - From Skeletar pirate - Kaka(75)
Gold Coin 0 / 40 - From Skeletar pirate -Lala(75) , Kaka(75) , Tutu(80)
Reward: 500k EXP, 800k Gold</p>

<p>(Real Story Quest)</p>

<p>Blacksmith Worries
Find Mark (516,407) at Skeletar Isle.
Deliever letter to Elizabeth (618,966) at Treasure Gulf.
Reward : 10000 EXP, 25000 G</p>

<p>Elizabeth' Love Keepsake
Help Elizabeh (618,966) at Treasure Gulf find Elizabeth Necklace
Whack it from [Skeletar Pirate Ship]
Reward : 250000 EXP, 150000G</p>

<p>Necklace of Love
Help Elizabeth (618,966) deliver Elizabeth Necklace back to Mark (516,407) at Skeletar Isle.
Reward: 10000 EXP, 25000 G</p>

<p>Blacksmith' Promise
Help Mark (516,407) at Skeletar Isle to obtain :
Unique Weapon 0/1 (Deathsoul officer - Naval Base 1160,137)
Reward: 200000 EXP, 100000G</p>

<p>Unique Weapon
Help Mark (516,407) at Skeletar Isle to bring Unique weapon to Jack Arrow (230,579) at Skeletar Isle
Reward: 25000 G</p>

<p>Pirate Vs Navy
Help Jack Arrow (230,579) at Skeletar Isle to Wellington (1042,134) at Naval Base
Reward: 25000 G</p>

<p>General' Confession of Love Part 1
Help Wellington (1042,134) at Naval Base obtain :
Proposal Ring 0 /1
Reward : 30k EXP, 35k G</p>

<p>General' Confession of Love Part 2
Help Wellington (1042,134) at Naval base give :
Proposal Ring to Elizabeth ( 618,966) at Treasure Gulf
Reward : 35k Gold</p>

<p>Elizabeth' Prayer
Talk to Elizabeth (618,966) at Treasure Gulf
Help Elizabeth talk to Mark (516,407) at Skeletar Isle
Reward : 35k Gold</p>

<p>The Curse Part 1
Help Mark (516,407) at Skeletar Isle obtain :
0 / 1 Cursed Treasure (From lv 75 Boss Black Jewel Ship)
Reward : 500k EXP, 800k Gold</p>

<p>The Curse Part 2
Help Mark (516,407) at Skeletar Isle tell Jack Arrow (230,579) at Skeletar Isle about the curse
Reward : 30k Gold</p>

<p>The Real Captain
Talk to Jack Arrow (230,579) at Skeletar Isle
Hunt the following :
0 / 1 Barborosa [At skeletar isle north of Mystery Sailor(370,165)]
0 / 1 Captain Gold Plate (From Barborosa)
Reward: 500k EXP, 800k Gold</p>

<p>The Gift</p>

<p>Help Jack Arrow (230,579) at Skeletar Isle to send a gift to Elizabeth (618,966) at Treasure Gulf
*hence the funny line "..Have you heard of an NPC who will do his own task?" XD
Reward: 30k Gold</p>

<p>Undeserving Love
Help Elizabeth(618,966) at Treasure Gulf to return the Ring to Wellington (1042,134) at Naval Base
Reward: 30k Gold</p>

<p>Wellington' Blessing
Help Wellington (1042,134) at Naval Base .
Send his gift to Elizabeth (618,966) at Treasure Gulf
Reward: 300k Gold</p></div>