Story Quest part 2, part 1

erience points.</p>

<p>Mysterious Town
Dock at Spring island Habour (3404,2564 ) and head west to Spring town.
WARNING! There may be a few monsters guarding the road to Spring town, careful to not get hitted.
Talk to Hotel Owner - Sang Di(3287, 2501)to activate the next part of the quest.
You'll have to go around and know the people at town and get their badges
The following 7 people are :
Teleporter, Blacksmith, Grocery, Tarven Keeper, Trader, Banker, Habour operator.
The town isn't big, so it won't be hard to find. Explore around a little, so no coordinates listed.
You'll obtain :
100k experience points
30k gold
50k life skill experience points</p>

<p>Then Hotel Owner - Sang Di(287, 2501) will ask you to help her find her son down at UnderWater Tunnel
There's 3 ways we can use to reach UnderWater Tunnel
But because we're already at spring island, why not make use of it?
Especially when summer and autumn island is also dangerous.
However, if you're male character, get a Sealmaster to help you so you don't get stunned by fox spirits.
Head out of spring town, and head NW to this coordinates to find the underwater tunnel : 3224,2444
Go find her son Zombie - Hami(50,243) at UnderWater Tunnel
Head back to Hotel Owner - Sang Di(3287, 2501)
Then find Grocery - Luna (3279, 2501) just next to Sang Di.
Whack any type of ZOMBIES down at the Underwater Tunnel for :
Talisman of Ghost * 20
NOTE: TO make things easier later, pick up the following while u're in there :
(They'll drop from the zombie.. One type of zombie one kind)
Torn Corpse Wrap * 3
Damaged Corpse Wrap * 3
Intact Corpse Wrap * 3
Exchange 20 Talisman of Ghost at Grocery - Luna (3279, 2501) for Talisman
Give Talisman to Zombie - Hami(50,243)
Go back and talk to Hotel Owner - Sang Di(3287, 2501)
You'll obtain :
1m experience points
20k gold
Blue Forging Fruit * 5 (Increase forging success within 1 min)
Red Forging Fruit * 5 (Increase composition of gems within 1 min)</p>

<p>Find Commerce - Yuri (3195, 2506)
Then find Guard - Zhou (3298, 2534)
Head down to Seabed Tunnel and hit Cursed Water Fairy for: 486,327
Fruit Residue * 1
Go back and talk to Guard - Zhou (3298, 2534)</p>

<p>Then you'll receive a quest to get rid of the Fruit Residue
Trash the Fruit Residue to complete the quest.
Help Guard - Zhou (3298, 2534) to deliever a letter to Banker - Wang Mo ( 3290, 2512)
NOTE: If you double click on the letter, it'll activate another quest.. you only get one chance to do it now or is never
Talk to Banker - Wang Mo ( 3290, 2512) and he'll ask you to help him get Trendy Clothes from Commerce - Yuri (3195, 2506)
Commerce - Yuri (3195, 2506) will then request you to head to sea at around the coordinates (Deep Blue -2500,2260) and use Binoculars
Go back and find Commerce - Yuri (3195, 2506)
You'll now have obtained :
Trendy Clothes
2m experience points
60k life skill experience points
Give Trendy Clothes to Banker - Wang Mo ( 3290, 2512)
This will end the sub-quest.</p>

<p>Now give the letter to Banker - Wang Mo ( 3290, 2512)
Head back to Guard - Zhou (3298, 2534) to activate another quest.
Find Hotel Owner - Sang Di(287, 2501)
Now, equip the Ancient earring we got long time ago
Talk to Hotel Owner - Sang Di(287, 2501) again.
You'll recieve the following when you're done:
50k money
60k life skill experience points
Royal Salute A,B,C * 15</p>

<p>Now, we have to get back the money from the following people :
Tavern Keeper - Long Er (3302, 2501)
- Find Banker - Wang Mo ( 3290, 2512) and pay 200 bucks fee
Blacksmith - Wu Xin (3316, 2516)
Grocery - Luna (3279, 2501)
-She'll request (Hopefully you got them earlier like I wrote ^^ ) :
Torn Corpse Wrap * 3
Damaged Corpse Wrap * 3
Intact Corpse Wrap * 3
20k gold as reward.</p>

<p>Commerce - Yuri (3195, 2506)
-Kill Fox spirit to get Crystal Ball * 5
NOTE: Remember, they stun male characters, so beware
20k gold as reward.
Bill (3235, 2550)
-Just get from him
Youth - Cloud (3275, 2467)
-Just get from him
Harbor Operator - Shuang (3409, 2560)
- Deliever the package to Navy Commander - Dessaro in Thundoria Castle.
You'll get 20k gold when you're done.</p>

<p>Return to Hotel Owner - Sang Di(287, 2501) to hand her the 2million gold you gathered for her
You'll receive : Fairy of Hope
Wait for her to finish inputting the 2million gold into the bank.
Continuing Story Quest From Patch 1.35 (The non super detail version..may be off slighty T__T)</p>

Talk to Hotel Owner- Sang Di (3287, 2501) to get a Necklace
Then find Diviner - Hocus Pocus (3257, 2502)
Find Physican - Daisha (1352, 499) at Icicle City
Find Banker - Belinda (1360, 519) at Icicle City
Just follow the instructions and back to Diviner - Hocus Pocus (3257,2502) in the end.</p>

<p>HINT: Whack the Azure Crystal from Isle of Fortune Level 68 - Beardy Pirate Militia</p>

<p>Then Diviner - Hocus Pocus / Hotel Owner- Sang Di will ask you to kill the following :</p>

<p>Level 60 - Fox Taoist ( 3322 , 2460)
Level 65 - Fox Spirit ( 3306 , 2444)
Level 70 - Fox Sage (3134 ,2470)</p>

<p>Kill Swift Cyclonic Sea Jelly * 1</p>

<p>Buy the armor Hotel Owner- Sang Di wants from Shaitan Tailor - Moya ( 894, 3602)</p>

<p>Obtain Magical Bone * 3 From Deathsoul Officier - Underground Dock, Research Shelter</p>

<p>Obtain Chimera Horn * 1 From Level 64 - Chimera (662,2460)</p>


<p>Find High Priest - Gannon (862, 3500) at Shaitan City
Find Mysterious Granny - (2159,2790) at Argent City (Note: Change to M. Granny..its not beldi =x)</p>

<p>Mysterious Granny will give you Amber Tear and asking you to find Langa
Go back and find Mysterious Granny (277,2769) at Argent City </p>

<p>Obtain Amethyst Dolphin Dorsal Fin * 1 (Amethyst Dolphin)</p>

<p>Obtain Revival Clover * 1 (From Shop)</p>

<p>Obtain Murky Polliwog Blood * 1 (From Stealth Great Polliwog)</p>

<p>Go back to Mysterious Granny to obtain Memory Capsule</p>

<p>Go back to High Priest - Gannon (862, 3500) and hand him the Memory Capsule</p>

Go back to Spring Island and find Hotel Owner- Sang Di (3287, 2501)</p>

<p>Go to Icicle City and talk to Icicle Royal - Mas (1346, 451)</p>

<p>Obtain Pointed Tribal Long Spear * 1 (From Level 69 - Mad Tribal Witchdoctor )</p>

<p>Obtain (Forgot name ) from Thundoria Mirage ( 366,1373)</p>

<p>You'll get Mask of Zorro</p>

<p>IV) The following part may be affected slighty depending on your class, be warned..</p>

<p>I did with voyager x__X (My crusader sux <em>slaps</em> )</p>

<p>Find Kentaro at Abandon Mine Haven, Mask of Zorro will get taken away</p>

<p>Obtain Arista * 1 (From Level 68 - Cursed Water Fairy at SeaBed Tunnel)</p>

<p>Obtain Beastie Borestone * 1 ( From Deathsoul Soldier)</p>

<p>Obtain Broken Angel Halo * 1 (From Level 69 - Corrupted Guardian Angel (335,2121))</p>

<p>Find General - William (2277, 2831) at Argent City</p>

<p>He'll give you 80k Gold + Sacred Soul Amulet * 1</p>

<p>Give Scared Soul Amulet to Hotel Owner- Sang Di (3287, 2501) at Spring Island</p>

<p>Then find your CLASS TRAINER (EX: Crusader - Peter, Voyager - Little Daniel)</p>

<p>V) This part should be affected by your class</p>

<p>Little Daniel will ask you to visit Harbor Operator - Gregory (194, 1715) atSalva Haven (Deep Blue Region at Sea)</p>

<p>Stuck again.. = =;
EDIT: Found more information on the quest. =)
Side quest for story quest after complete story quest part 2.</p>

<p>Go to Diviner - Hocus Pocus (Spring Town 3257, 2502) to activate Love Miracle.</p>

<p>He will ask you for:
Pure Clarion Sand 0/1
Crown of the Queen 0/1
Crystalline Feather 0/1</p>

<p>This will activate 3 sub quest.</p>

<p>1st sub quest (Tear of Goddess)</p>

<p>Head to Holy Priestess - Ada (Old Shaitan City 862, 3303).</p>

<p>She will ask you to obtain Pure Clarion Sand 0/1 from Barren Cavern.</p>

<p>Hit Lv. 70 Terra Elder to obtain it.</p>

<p>Return to her once you get it.</p>

<p>2nd sub quest: Merman Heart</p>

<p>Talk to Little Daniel (Argent City 2193, 2730).</p>

<p>He will ask you to obtain Crown of the Queen 0/1 from Palace Ruins.</p>

<p>Go to Solace Heaven and head west, you'll find a ruined place.</p>

<p>Hit Lv. 71 Lizard Warrior Leader (412,2334) to obtain it.</p>

<p>Once you get it, return to him.</p>

<p>3rd sub quest: (Feather of the Bird)</p>

<p>Talk to Icicle Swordsman - Ray (Lower Icicle Castle 1365, 570).</p>

<p>He will ask you to obtain Crystalline Feather 0/1 from Demonic World.</p>

<p>Go to Demonic World portal at (Ascaron 910,1069).</p>

<p>Hit any snow doll from either Demonic World level 1 or level 2 to obtain it.</p>

<p>Once get it, return and talk to him.</p>

<p>After complete 3 sub quest. Go back to Diviner - Hocus Pocus (Spring Town 3257, 2502) to complete the quest.</p>

<p>Receive: Lovers Brooch</p>

<p>Head to Zombie - Hami (Underwater Tunnel 50,243) and talk to him.</p>

<p>NOTE: TO make things easier later, pick up the following while you're in there :
Talisman of Ghost * 20</p>

<p>Return to Grocery - Luna (Spring Town 3279, 2501).</p>

<p>You'll obtain:
2m experience
50k Life EXP
Firework A * 10
Firework B * 10
Firework C * 10</p>

<p>Talk to her again. To activate a quest: Corpse Venom</p>

<p>She will ask you for 20 talisman of ghost.</p>

<p>Pass her the talisman and you'll obtain:
Amulet * 12</p>

<p>2nd Side quest for story quest</p>

<p>Kill Lv. 75 Icy Dragon in Seabed tunnel (494, 521) and obtain Tear of Dragon.</p>

<p>Double click the Tear of Dragon to activate the quest.</p>

<p>After activated it will ask you to find villagers in Spring Isle.</p>

<p>Head to Tavern Keeper - Long Er (Spring Town 3302, 2502)</p>

<p>You will be given 2 choice:
Scale of Dragon's Tear
Legend of Dragon's Tear</p>

<p>NOTE: You can only select 1 of the quest!</p>

<p>Scale of Dragon's Tear</p>

<p>Give her the Tear of Dragon and you'll obtain:
200k gold
(End of Scale of Dragon's Tear quest)</p>

<p>Legend of Dragon's Tear</p>

<p>Talk to her again to activate Secret of Dragon's Tear quest.</p>

<p>Secret of Dragon's Tear</p>

<p>Head to Holy Priestess - Ada (Old Shaitan City 862, 3303).</p>

<p>Activate quest: Holy Water</p>

Glass Bottle</p>

<p>Head to (Deep Blue 3800, 550) and use the Glass Bottle.
NOTE: Ignore the quest asking you to go Magical Ocean.</p>

Glass Bottle with Sea Water</p>

<p>Head back to Holy Priestess - Ada (Old Shaitan City 862, 3303).</p>

<p>Activate quest: Redemption</p>

<p>Use the Holy Water.</p>

<p>Activate quest: Hassli's Deposit</p>

<p>Head to Banker - Macurdo (Thundoria Castle 743, 1534).</p>

<p>You'll obtain:
1m experience
60k Life EXP
250k gold
(End of Legend of Dragon's Tear quest)</p></div>