Story Quest part 1, part 2

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Story quest Part 1

1. Secretary Message
Look for Argent Secretary - Salvier and speak to her

Reward: 250 exp, 999g, 875 life exp

3) Food for the Navy

230 exp, 1000g, 875 life exp.
LifeSkill Points until now: 1

Guide will be totally free of pictures, unless very neccecary, only BB codes and exp, gold track will kept track of.

p>Quest Objective:

Bring the Pumpkin with craved wording to Little Daniel at (2193, 2730)</p>


Go talk to Little Daniel at (2193, 2730 Ascaron)</p>

<p>"Didn't I ask you to stay clear from me? Wait, what is that you are holding? A pumpkin head with Donna's signature!

Can you give it to me? I will use the Invisible Ink Negator as a trade."</p>

<p>Reward: Invisible Ink Negator.</p>

<p>Ru1) Rumour of the Bar

"So you heard it from the tavern? I must be really drunk for it to slip my mouth.

Forget it, since you are able to find me, it seems we are fated in some ways. Now, I will tell you the recipe. You are required to find these ingredients, then I will help you create the antidote.

Listen carefully, I require 3 Bloody Polliwog Tails, 5 Hearts of Tempest Sea Jelly, 7 Dangerous Shark Cartilages and 9 Topaz Dolphin Dorsal Fins. Go and locate them. Hurry up before I change my mind."</p>

<p>Quest Objective:

Get the ingredients of the antidote for Little Daniel at (2193, 2730)

Obtain "Bloody Polliwog Tail" x3

Obtain "Heart of Tempest Sea Jelly" x5

Obtain "Dangerous Shark Cartilage" x7

Obtain "Topaz Dolphin Dorsal Fin" x9</p>


<p>Time to set sail again!

First head to (3347,3832 Ascaron). You can get there easily by sailing west from Shaitan.

Obtain 5 Hearts of Tempest Sea Jelly from Lv 56 Tempest Sea Jelly.

At the same place, obtain 7 Dangerous Shark Cartilage from Lv 56 Silk Shark.

Now go to your Deep Blue ship (or sail there).

Obtain 9 Topaz Dolphin Dorsal Fin from Lv 57 Topaz Dolphin at (2638,2009 Deep Blue).

Finally obtain 3 Bloody Polliwog Tail from Lv 55 Vampiric Polliwog at (351,2115 Deep Blue)

*Note: Bloody Polliwog Tail is a bit rare as a drop. So that may take some time.

When done, head back to Little Daniel in Argent at (2193, 2730 Ascaron).</p>

<p>"Good. I will let you see what the writing on the sheepskin says. Hmm, this is it. Take it.

I have done it in a long while. Don't blame me if anything goes wrong."</p>

<p>Reward: Invisible Ink Negator.</p>

<p>Double click the Invisible Ink Negator to activate the next quest (Have Andrew's Will in your inventory when doing this)</p>

<p>65) Language of the Pirates

When I gently sprinkled the Invisible Ink Negator upon Andrew's will, something astonishing happened. The words on it gradually faded away to reveal sentences distinguishly written in a mysterious pirate language,

"The sound of victory leads you to the path of death. Towards the horizon of the skeletons you must go. When blood flows once again through withered bones, find you shall, the legendary treasure."

What does this mean? I suppose Jack would know better.</p>

<p>Quest Objective:

Look for Captain Jack at (1672, 3777) regarding the scribbling.</p>


Just go on Canary Isle an talk to Jack at (1672, 3777 Magical Ocean).</p>

<p>"Oh you found an ancient verse? Nobody believes in this legend anymore but if you insist I'll tell you about it.

In the legend, a beautiful mermaid protects a mysterious carcass. The carcass's eye is always looking towards the direction of the hidden treasure. According to the legend, if you drench fresh blood onto the skeleton, it will summon forth a buried treasure. However no one has ever seen or taken such a treasure before. Are you willing to give it a try?"

(Mermaids? There are so many mermaids out there, how do I find the right one? Could it be the Mermaid Queen? I don't think Jack would play such a trick would he? Here I come Mermaid Carcass, wait for me!)</p>

<p>Quest Objective:

Follow Jack's instruction and look for Mermaid Queen at (3385 1985) to obtain the Mermaid Carcass. Return to Jack after that.

Obtain "Mermaid Carcass" x1</p>


<p>Lv100 Mermaid Queen

Hp: 100000

Exp: 70000

Drops: Agate, Revival Flower, Magical Potion, Orange Colorant, Clarity Crystal, Mermaid Carcass (quest only)</p>

<p>Sea boss fight! Don't care about what says the quest, the lv100 Mermaid Queen's real coords are (3385 1985 Magical Ocean). It has a respawn time of 5 minutes.

Before setting sail to her place, it is a good idea to load 10 or more wood piles on your ship. That's it since one of her attacks can almost sink your ship o.o

If you previously left your ship at Isle of Chill, just sail from there.

If you're sailing from Shaitan, follow the map below:</p>

<p>Entrance #1 - Magical Ocean (877, 3756) &lt;----&gt; Treasure Gulf (734, 1032)

Exit #2 - Treasure Gulf (606, 1083) &lt;----&gt; Magical Ocean (2202, 2781)</p>

<p>Be careful when getting to her place, you'll have to avoid the high-level Mermaids that surround her.

If you noticed from the map, you can rapair/refuel when needed easily by going to Pyrex Haven (3081, 2137 Magical Ocean).</p>

<p>If you are a voyager:

Easy job. Just keep chaining the combo Alga Entanglement -&gt; Lightning Curtain -&gt; Area Attack.

Mermaid Queen may move a bit sometimes... if you get hit, run away, and recover using a wood pile.

It took me 10 minutes like this, using only 4 wood piles.</p>

<p>If you are NOT a voyager:

If you can bring voyagers to help you, you can finish this easily as well.

If you are alone doing this, use the Area Attack. It will be long, but not impossible.

Mermaid Queen may move a bit sometimes... if you get hit, run away, and recover using a wood pile.</p>

<p>Once obtained the Mermaid Carcass, head back to Jack on Canary Island at (1672, 3777 Magical Ocean).</p>

<p>"I knew you'd definitely be able to find out where the Mermaid Carcass is. Have you seen it yet?"</p>

<p>Reward: 300000 exp, 300000g, 30000 life skill exp, Icy Crystal x10, Old Sheepskin Scroll x5.

LifeSkill Points until now: 26</p>

<p>Now, double click the Mermaid Carcass to receive a pair of coordinates on the System Chat (the yellow one), regarding Magical Ocean map.

Those coordinates are (1843, 1717 Magical Ocean).

Sail to those coordinates. Once there, double click the Mermaid Carcass again.</p></div>