Socket Making


General information:
Sockets are a vital part of the whole forging process. They are "slots" in Equipment, in which Gems can be forged, with each socket representing a slot for a different gem.
A piece of Equipment can have up to 2 Sockets.

Adding a socket:
A few items are required in order to add a socket

The Equipment Stabilizer and Catalyst are purchasable on the Item Mall for 25 Rum each.

The first part involves talking to Blacksmith - Smithy and selecting the "Fusion" option.


After this, all the required items are to be placed in their respective slots, with the equipment on the top, as so:


As the picture shows, some gold is required in order to put a socket as well. This is equal to 50,000 G for the first socket and 100,000 G for the second. Since only 2 sockets can be added per piece of equipment, a total of 150,000 G is to be spent for one equipment.

The numbers of sockets and the gems inside of them can be observed by looking at the marked area in the picture above. This will show all the information about the Equipment regarding forging (Gems, Number of sockets, Gem placement, cumulative Gem bonuses)

Other ways of obtaining gear with Sockets:
Equipment obtained as a drop from Monsters, as a Quest reward, Newbie chests, Mystic and Beautiful Chests has a chance to have 1-2 sockets in them already, making the whole socketing process far cheaper.
Note that Equipment from class chests (i.e. Evanescence or Enigma Chests), Sealed and Unsealed Equipment and even Chaos Gearstones cannot already have a socket in them, and they can only be added manually. (Refer to "Adding a Socket:")

Additional notes, tips and information:
-Adding both the 1st and 2nd Socket has a 100% success rate.
-There is a very rare phenomenon where Equipment obtained as a drop from Monsters has 3 sockets in it already. (This can otherwise not be done manually)
-Hats, Rings, Corals and Necklaces are all items which can have sockets, though there isn't a single gem which can go in either of this gear.
-Unlike Items with increased effectiveness or gems in them, Items with sockets do not require a fusion catalyst in order for them to be preserved upon apparel fusion.
-Pliering the first Gem in an item with Gems in both sockets won't "push" the second Gem on the first socket. Instead, putting a new Gem will automatically send it to the 1st socket, while leaving the 2nd one in the same place.