PvP(Bar PvP) System

Rules of a duel
  1. Level 25+ players can spend 50000 Gold to purchase a Medal of Valor from the Arena Administrator near the Argent Bar. With a Medal of Valor, the player can challenge somebody to a duel.
  2. A duel begins once the duel invitation is accepted. To send an individual duel invitation, you need to right click on the target's portrait near the Argent Bar and then click the relevant option from the pop-up menu. To send a group duel invitation, right click on the group's leader near the Argent Bar and then click the relevant option from the pop-up menu.
  3. Both sides of a duel will be teleported to a special area to fight.

Note: Players can send a group duel invitation or an individual duel invitation. In order for the group duel to start, the party leader must invite the other party leader, and all the players in each of the parties must accept the duel request. The Medal of Valor keeps a record of your duels. Before you send a duel invitation, you'd better learn the opponent's composite strength.

There's currently 1 PvP map available. Inside the PvP Area there's no restrictions on items usage/consumables, so you're able to use things like these inside the PvP map:
  • Buffs
  • Potions/healing items
  • Consumables, such as Flashbangs, Grenades, Radiation
  • Reviving clovers (for cleric's /Seal Masters to ressurect you)
The Medal of Valor as shown below will be used to keep track of your PvP Scores, all you have to do is hover your cursor above the item and you will see your PvP Score.

The records, look as following:
  • medal.PNG

  • Honor - Your current Honor Balance
  • Kill - Total of kills you've accumulated
  • Death - Total of deaths you've accumulated
  • Battle - Total of PvP/MvM battles you've accumulated
  • Victory - Total of PvP/MvM battles you've won
  • Party Contribution - Total of party contributions you've made (Unrelated to PvP/MvM System)
  • Chaos Points - Total of Chaos Argent Points (Unrelated to PvP/MvM System)

This is the PvP window that will appear for both players when they wish to PvP eachother.

When both the players have accapted, they will be teleported into the "Arena" which looks like this

  • When you Log out or leave the MvM in mid battle, it counts as a loss on your Medal of Valor .
  • Once you reach -300 Honor points you will be unable to do any futher MvM Matches.
  • Please keep in mind that Medal of Valor Cannot be deleted, its bound to your account forever once you buy it.