NPC Guide - Leba

General Information:
NPCs or "non-player characters" are peaceful game entities with which players can interract in numerous ways, from accepting quests, buying/selling items, to teleportation and other possibilities, which will be covered shortly.

Distinguishing NPCs:
There's a few ways of distinguishing an NPC. First of all, they have a unique icon on the minimap. Unlike Monsters, who are displayed as a red dot, or players, who are displayed as a blue dot - NPCs have a notably larger square icon on the minimap. The majority of NPC's icons looks like this
, though specific types of NPCs can have different icons.
Additionally, NPCs' have a unique model, which greatly differentiates them from players and monsters. For instance, a Blacksmith can easily be distinguished, a big, buffed up guy always working with his hammer.


Interacting with NPCs is seemingly easy. All that a player has to do is left click on them and a dialogue will open up. This will let the player see whether the NPC has a quest for him, whether he can interact in some other way, or if the NPC has nothing which will interest the player. In order to quit this interaction, the player either has to press the "Esc" button, close the dialogue by clicking on the 'x' button, or by clicking "close".

Quite a few NPCs have the "Trade" option

Upon clicking on it, the player will be able to view the list of items which the NPC is selling and purchase them by dragging it to his inventory, choosing the amount which he wants to purchase and confirming.

Selling an item to them is the same, except the item is dragged from the player's inventory to the NPC's.

Note: Sold items cannot(!) be re-bought, players are advised to take a deep breath and think twice when selling an item!

Different types of NPCs:

As it was said in the introduction of the guide, NPCs can have various functions. Although not all NPCs will be covered here, the most important and numerous ones will be.

Newbie Guide
Newbie Guides are probably the first NPCs with which the players learn to interract just as they enter the game. There's not much to say about them besides the fact that they offer useful newbie quests for lower levels, information about the city they're in and are able to give Star of Unity. Each city has its own Newbie Guide, located around the fountain.
Example: Newbie Guide - Senna

Blacksmiths are NPCs which sell Weapons, mainly for lower level players. Each City has one which sells weapons fit for certain classes. Argent City's blacksmith sells weapons for swordsman and explorer classes, Shaitan City's sells weapons for the herbalist class, and finally, Icicle City's sells weapons for the hunter class.
These weapons are referred to as "NPC Weapons" and are some of the lowest quality weapons in the game, however, they are quite good for starting out and when budget is tight.
Blacksmith - Smithy is the only one who's mastered the forging skill, as such, he is able to forge, add sockets to, fuse and even strengthen players' equipment.
Note: There's Blacksmiths in both Thundoria City and Spring City as well, but there is nothing interesting to say about them.
Example: Blacksmith - Goldie

Tailors are NPCs that are quite similar to Blacksmiths, the difference being that they sell Equipment - Armor, Gloves and Boots. There's one Tailor in each city as well, Argent being the exception, because there is one Tailor that sells explorer equipment and another that sells swordsman equipment. Icicle City's sells hunter and Shaitan City's sells herbalist equipment.
The term "NPC Equipment", similar to Blacksmith's "NPC Weapons" is used as well to describe these NPC-bought, low-quality equipment.
Example: Tailor - Hannah

Grocers are NPCs that sell a large number of items. First and probably most important are skill books. Every Grocer sells skill books for their respective class(es) (Same logic from Blacksmiths and Tailors applies here), whereas all of them sell Life Skill books. Another thing which they have in common on their list are Tickets, Inventory locks and a wide variety of materials.
Grocery - Amos is the only Grocer who's learned the combining skill, with which he is able to combine players' Gems - at a cost. He's also the only NPC who sells Gem Composition Scroll, a vital item in the whole combining process.
Example: Grocery - Jimberry

Physicians are NPCs that sell various potions and herbs which are able to restore players' health and even bring them back to life! Other than those, they sell items which are necessary for Cooking. There is one in each city, however, they all sell the same items.
Example: Physican - Daisha

Teleporters are special NPCs who are able to teleport players to various places across the world for a small fee as well as record the players' spawn point in that city or area. There is one in each city, which is able to teleport players to the other 2 cities, but there is one in each Haven as well, able to teleport players to the next or previous Haven.
Example: Argent Teleporter - Jovial

Ship Builder
Ship Builders, or just Builders are NPCs who can build a variety of Ships for the player, if he pays them well. There's four Builders in total, one in each city plus one that's stationed in Thundoria Harbor. Each Builder can build different Ships.
Besides building, he can also Upgrade Players' Ships once they've accumulated enough experience on them; for a small fee of course.
Example: Builder - George

Harbor Operator
Harbor Operators, next to the Builders, are the most important NPCs when it comes to the Sea. They can Salvage ("revive") Players' Ships which have died on the Sea, Refuel them, Repair them, and most importantly, allow players to set sail and bring their ship to the sea.
They are located all around the world, from the three main cities, to small Sea Havens, to the three Seasonal Islands.
Example: Harbor Operator - Catchy

Bankers are NPCs who can, for a small fee, allow players to store items which they might not need for awhile, which can be accessed at ease when needed again. Although they can be thought of as a secondary inventory, a player's bank cannot be accessed unless the player is in town with a banker in it. This means that items which may be needed for combat or any kind of action when going far away from town.
Although there's several bankers scattered in bigger cities, they all allow the player to access the very same bank.
Example: Banker - Belinda

There are many, many other NPCs who, at first, may not seem to have a purpose scattered all around the world. They can have a funny or inspiring dialogue, or be completely random, but some of them are part of certain quests, which mainly involve visiting them.
These NPCs, as it was said before, can be located anywhere, however, many of them are known to hang around Havens.
Musician - Shamel
Argent Chairman - Ronnie