Guild System

General Information:
Guild System is a very interesting mechanism in PKO. By joining in guild, you will not only become a member of a big family, but also get the opportunities to enjoy tremendous glory and fun with players who share the same taste as you! Moreover, if you are qualified enough and want more challenge, you could even create your own guild and become a guild master to rule over all the pirates.

Advantages of being in a guild

Whether you've created or joined a guild, there's lots of opportunities and freedom a player has by becoming a part of a guild.

Some of them are:
  • Going to mazes together
  • Making friends easier
  • Farming gems/equipments together
  • Leveling up together

All these advatages can be achived by being a part of a guild!

In Pirate King Online there's 2 types of Guilds, Pirate guild or Navy guild.
Note: The difference is solely in the color of the guild's name below the player; and guild slots. Up to 100 of either Pirate or Navy guild can be created, with a total of 200 guilds being createable in the game.

Creating a Pirate guild:
In order to create a pirate guild in Pirate King Online, the player must head over to Icicle Royal - Mas and talk to him.
The player must then select "Regarding the legends of the pirates" and then select "Create a pirate guild"

Creating a Navy guild:
In order for a player to create a navy guild, the player must seek and find Navy Commander - Dessaro in Thundoria.
The player must then select "Create a navy guild"
The requirements to create a Navy guild is just the same as for a Pirate Guild, and that is:
Once the player fulfills all these requirements, he can then talk to either the Navy guild npc or the Pirate guild npc, and a window will open where the player must select a guild name and a guild password for its guild. The Guild Password will be required if the guild master ever wishes to disband the guild.


Once the player has successfully done this, the player will now become the leader of his own guild.

To open the Guild window the player must click ALT + C then a Guild window will open

From the main guild window, the guild leader is met with 5 options:
  • Remove - Delete a guild member
  • Disband - Disband the guild.
  • Motto - Add a Motto for the guild that will be shown behind the guild name in brackets
  • Members - Observe the members' names, classes and levels.
  • Apply - See Guild applicant's names, class, and levels.
Selecting "Apply" as the guild master will open a second window showing Guild applicants and their respective class, level and names.


From this window the guild master is able to:
  • Recruit - accept the member application
  • Reject - deny the member application
NOTE: The max guild member count is 25

Joining a pirate guild:
If a player wishes to join a pirate guild, the player must head down to bar and look for Pirate Informer - Gewas
The player must speak to Gewas and select "Check pirates organisation" and a guild list window will open

From here players can apply to any guild as long as the member count of the guild is below 25
Selecting a pirate guild and clicking "Apply" will pop the player a message in the System chat, telling the player to wait patiently for the administrators to accapt them.


Joining a navy guild:

If a player wishes to join a navy guild, the player must seek Navy Recruitment - Rachel speak to her and a window will appear

The player must then select "Ok, a recomendation leter please" Rachel will then give the player Navy Recruitment Notice that must be delivered to Navy Informer - Dalongdan in order to apply to a navy guild.

Heading over to Dalongdan, the player must select "Navy Division Enquiry" Dalongdan will then take away the players navy letter and a new window will open:


The player now gets to choose from many diffrent navy guilds which they can apply to, likewise with pirate guild applying, the player can apply to any guild that has a member count below 25

Selecting a navy guild and clicking "Apply" will pop the player a message in the System chat, telling the player to wait patiently for the administrators to accapt them