Gem Pliering

Gem Extracting

What's Gem Extracting?
Gem Extracting, as known as Pliering, is used to remove a Gem that have been forged in an equipment.

How does it works:
First of all, you need to talk with Furnace of Immortality (need to complete the Language Barrier Quest to understand Spring Town NPC's):


And bring to him the following item:

  • Blacksmith Pliers (Obtained only from Item Mall. Costs 15 Rums and its located in Forging section);
  • The gemmed equipment to be pliered;
  • Money (10k per Gem forged into your equipment).
The items must be placed in the slots like this:


After confirming the Gem Extracting the gem located in the First Socket will be added to your inventory from the highest level to the lowest one, and after the whole First Socket be extracted, the Second Socket Extraction starts.

The Gem Extracting have 100% of Success Rate, but take note: The refining gem spent in the forging process isn't refunded when you plier your equipments, so do it wisely ;)