General Information:
Crusader is the advancement class for Swordman, for lance. Crusaders specialize in dealing alot of damage from both close combat and range, with a couple of very useful skills to both stun and to deal damage up close quick and damage from a distance. As crusader you can play as a "hit from distance and run" playstyle or go upclose to finish the enemy quickly. As crusaders, they have 2 one handed swords to deal lots of damage, have acess to stuns, and that makes the class quite mobile.


  • Very useful in both close combat and ranged combat
  • Good solo levling class
  • High mobility and sustain
  • Good class in both PvE and PvP
  • Some of the skills has a long cooldown
  • Low base defense
  • Once sealed/stunned Crusaders will die easy
  • Has a very bad skilltree from lv 40 and below

Crusaders have a variety of stat builds, but the most common one is full damage. Full damage crusader focuses on stats which increases their overall damage from both close range and long range, to serve primary damage to monsters or bosses, within farming or levling.

Strenght (STR) - This is the primary stat for Crusaders, as it increases their attack and attack damage. It is a crucial stat for damage Crusaders, with a healthy mix of agility on top of it to prevent lacking attack speed.
Agility (Agi) - This is the second most important stat points for Crusaders. Agility utilize attack speed and dodge, which is very benefitial for the class as for both in close combat and long range combat. Pumping enough stat points into agaility will also eventually increase the crusader's attack speed and the damage of a skill called "Illusion Slash" significantly. Having agility as second highest pumped stat points is also beenfitial for PvP as oponents which doesn't have much hit rate, will struggle on hitting their hits on the crusader.

The following link provides a lot of infirmation as well as skill previews for all crusader skills. In this guide however, a few noteworthy ones will be mentioned.

Illusion Slash - Crusader's only unique long range skill, upon casting this, a crusader can select a target and that target will recive a large amouth of damage, depending on the crusader's attack speed.
Berserk - A very strong skill which increases a crusader's attack speed for a limited time, often used to aid crusaders building up that fine attack speed to cast a larger damage Illusion slash.
Shadow Slash - Crusader's stun skill. This skill will stun an enemy upon close combat, the stun will last longer depending on the skill's level, another very useful ability in both PvP and PvE for crusaders.
Stealth - As in the name, this skill will make crusaders become invissible, increasing the level of this skill will increase the duration of the skill. Its very useful for fleeing battle both PvE and PvP.

Crusaders have lots of diffrent equipments they can use.
They can use Unsealed equipments, Chaos Argent equipments, or even chest equipments. They all give essentinal stats for crusaders, depending on the budget the player wants to follow. Going chest equipments, is often a good solution for players that wishes to get a decent gear that they can use for a good period of time. Chest equipments gives both Strenght and agility, aswell as Hit rate on gloves to provide the nececary stats a crusaders will need in both PvE and PvP. As for Chaos Argent equipment, this type of equipment will provide a larger scale of stats overall, extra health and physical resistance to aid the class in bigger battles. Unsealds on the other hand is often mainly used for characters that wants to cap at a certain level for a maze, and is often a decent choise for them.

As for weapons, the Unsealds hold a solid pick, picking up a unsealed wepon for a Crusader will provide, health, strenght, agility and even constitusion (giving the player health and defense.)

Early game: Early on, Swordsman and Crusaders are quite good at levling because they provide both close and distance damage. They can often tackle monsters that's above their current level if they combine the strategy "hit and run" often known as "slash and run" (cast illusion slash, run, repeat) Things change dtrasticly upon promoting to Crusaders as they get provided with both stun and stealth, making the class easier to engadge in combat and flee at the same time.

Mid game: This is a relatively easy phase for crusaders. They still hold very well in levling, due to their sustain and skills they have. Often they can use this as an advantage in both solo and party levling as they can help other party members stun and kill enemies fast. That way the class often balances out other classes that's not so very good at solo lvling.

Late game: This is where Crusaders shine, they can use the enormeous damage output and attack speed at full effect, with their massive strenght and agility, to burst down enemies like flies. Bossing as a crusader is fairly easy because they get the option to fight ranged or close combat, that way the class is in such a good late game shape.

Crusaders in low level mazes
Forsaken City - In Forsaken City, Crusaders are a quite decent class. They can be easily outplayed by classes such as Seal Masters or Clerics, when they use skills to reveal their stealth. Also, in low level mazes such as Forsaken City, where the players can maximum be lv 45, crusaders are met with only a limited skill points, as they wont be able to max skills such as Stealth or Shadow slash. That way their stunning duration will be low and their stealth timer will also be low. Their equipments at this level is also quite decent, as most people will be using level 45 unsealds.

Dark Swamp - In Dark Swamp Crusaders shine as they are among one of the top classes in this particular maze. With their big scale of equipments available at this level they can use that as an advanatege, among with their skill point count being perfectly set to max out skills such as Shadow slash to reach that maximum stun duration and at the same time getting a decent stealth timer aswell.