Create a character

1.Click the PKO game icon, and open the game interface. After the client update has finished, click "START" to enter the game.

Note: - Please register an account to play the game - The client can be downloaded here.

2.Wait for a moment and you'll enter the interface. Input your registered game ID and password to login.


Enter a security code for protecting your account.

4.The interface for creating a character depicts the four characters at a sunny beach. Choose your favorite one and you will see the character window pop up. Fill in the character's name of your choice, and choose the Hair Style and Face, click Accept to finish the setting. You have 3 options for the character's birth place: the Argent City, Shaitan City or Icicle Castle.


5.Give your character a name and style the hair and face.


6.Choose the birthplace for the character from the three maps available: Shaitan City, Icicle Castle, Argent City.


Login first, as a pop up window in the beginning will remind you.

Congratulations! You have successfully created a character for yourself! Now you can experience the many adventures in Pirate king online.