General Information:
Cleric is the advhancement class for Herbalist, either Ami or Phyllis. Cleric's specialize in dealing lots of magical damage but can at the same time be built as the tanky type. With it's unique ability to both reveal stealthed enemies, do alot of damage with one skill and to heal themself makes the class a great support and damage dealer. Not only that, the class can also convert all its mana into hp, with one skill, meaning the enemies would have to atatck her til her mp dries all the way out before the cleric can start loosing hp.


  • The only class that can convert mana into being tanky
  • Has a very high damaging skill
  • Can heal and reveal stealthed enemies
  • Good for buffing other players
  • Can revive other players
  • Once all the mana is gone, the class is very vounrable
  • Only one damaging skill
  • No debuffs or escape mechanics
Cleric's doesn't have a very big variety of stat builds. Mainly as a cleric you would want to go full damage, or full tank. Full damage means you would want to go a stat that increases the basic magical damage of the class. Or optionally going full tank, it will make cleric's deal a bit less damage but it can be tankier in some situations in both PvE and PvP.

(Spr) - This is the primary stat point for Cleric's, as it increases the magical damage of the skills of a cleric. It's also essentinal to pump a lot of points into this stat since Cleric's also has a skill that convert's its taking hits from enemies into mana, that way, the more mana the more tankier the cleric will be.
Constitution. (Con) - This is the secondary stat of a Cleric, it's a second option for the class once Spr has been maxed, this will increase the cleric's health and defense.

The following link provides a lot of information as well as skill previews for all cleric skills. In this guide however, a few noteworthy ones will be mentioned.

Spiritual Bolt - This is Cleric's primary damage dealing skill, it casts a bolt on targetted enemies and dealing large damage depending on the cleric's spr and magical attack.

Heal - A healing skill that can be casted on any player or themself to heal depending on the skill level, sp and spr.

Revival - A ressurecting skill that can be used to recover single targetted players, by consuming a large amouth of sp and a Revival Clover

Energy Shield - This skill is the main skill that makes cleric unique. This skill is used to convert damage taken into sp absorbed, meaning that the cleric wont take damage unless a player has attacked the cleric as much as all it's sp has been drained away, then the cleric will start loosing hp.

Cleric's have a very limited of good equipments they can use.
Unsealds equipments for cleric's are often very bad as it doesnt give the essentinal stats that the class needs. However, picking up Chaos argent equipments would be a much better idea, as it gives the essentinal spr, health and con. Another piece of equipment that also gives durable stats is the chest equipments (these are mainly used for early game-mid game players, by using Inca, eva and engima chest equipments. In the late game Cleric's defently benefit the most by wearing the full black dragon set as it has all the essentinal stats a cleric would like in an additional that the set gives a lot of physical resistance.

As for weaponds, the unseald weponds are the best picks for this class, since they give good magical damage and spr.

Early game: Early on, Cleric's will struggle a bit in solo levling as much as seal masters do, with the lack of damage and other helpful skills, this will make it hard for them, on the other hand, cleric's can use their heal to heal up if they find themself in a sticky situation

Mid game: This is a relative better time for cleric's to show what they are used for, at this rate they get to wear their chest equipments, they got to pump their points into lots of spr and get their energy shield up and running.

Late game: At this rate, cleric's shine like a star, they've got these good equips to choose from, such as chaos argent equipments or black dragon ones, they got their energy shield maxed out, and possibly their spr aswell, and got their hands on maybe level 55-65 unseald weponds. This will boost their confidence alot in PvP and PvE as they will be able to tank alot more damage from both players and monsters and at the same time, their spiritual bolt will deal a good chunk of fixed damage.

Clerics in low lvl mazes:
Forsaken City - In Forsaken City, cleric's are actually quite handy, they've got their hands on energy shield, they got a medicore decent amouth of points into their spr, making them quite tanky, at the same time as it enables them to do a decent damage to enemies.

Dark Swamp - In Dark Swamp clerics gets even better, they now get to wear their very good mid-late gear equipment called Chaos argent equipments, this enables them to stack up quite a good chucnk of spr, hp and con and at the same time being able to put so much points into spr. At this rate their bolt damage has increased alot too, as they are now able to wear lv 55 unsealds to aid themself in battle.