Chaos Argent

Chaos Argent
Chaos Argent is also known as CA, one of most popular high level maze. Many players choose to go CA due to it's intense activity and reward-risk makes it very compelling participation.CA is free-for-all maze but frequently you will find players work with their friends or guilds due to difficulty of this maze. However for one to enter CA you must go to Icicle City (1371,532) and qualify the following:
  • Possess
    Medal of Valor
    with at least 10 honor points
  • Have at least 30 Reputation Points
  • Pay gold fee of 50 * character level
  • Not inside a party

CA Times:
Since it's the maze that gives the best rewards, it opens only twice a day in the following times:
  • Monday/Wednesday/Friday = 5am/pm server time
  • Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday/Sunday = 11am/pm server time
You can check the times in our Portal Schedule

Respawn Order:

In CA you can find chests/mobs that respawn every 5 minutes in Waves. If you take more than 5 minutes to kill them, they will disappear.
There's a message at system channel in every respawn showing how many players are inside CA

  1. Novice Chaos Chest ;

  2. Standard Chaos Chest ;

  3. Expert Chaos Chest ;

  4. Lance Newbie Phantom , Carsise Newbie Phantom , Phyllis Newbie Phantom , Ami Newbie Phantom ;
  5. Lance Hunter Phantom , Carsise Swordsman Phantom , Phyllis Explorer Phantom , Ami Cleric Phantom ;
  6. Lance Crusader Phantom , Carsise Champion Phantom , Phyllis Sharpshooter Phantom , Phyllis Cleric Phantom , Ami Seal Master Phantom ;
  7. Black Dragon Lance , Black Dragon Carsise , Black Dragon Phyllis , Black Dragon Ami ;
Please note that the Expert Chests have a good chance of dropping a Unique Gem, so they are really well disputed, so good luck!

CA Rewards:
The Chaos Argent rewards works based on the amount of survivors when the map closes.
Chaos Effect:
The CA effect works for everyone who use the whole CA Set ( Chaos Framestone , Chaos Clawstone , Chaos Pawstone and the only way to obtain the set pieces is from Chaos Chest ) and is in the Chaos Ranking.

  • 1st place in the ranking: 50% of chance reducing the damage in 50%;
  • 2nd place in the ranking: 50% of chance reducing the damage in 40%;
  • 3rd place in the ranking: 50% of chance reducing the damage in 30%;
  • 4th place in the ranking: 50% of chance reducing the damage in 20%;
  • 5th place in the ranking: 30% of chance reducing the damage in 20%.
CA "Glossary":


  • The damage is reduced in CA in something like 1/3 compared to outside of it;
  • Some classes have "buffs" when they get inside CA;
  • The level difference matters a lot. Which means that your damage will be increased in lower level players and will be decreased in higher player levels.
  • There's a "Skipping Penalty". Means that if you leave the map before dying, you will have to wait 180 seconds to enter in CA again.