Boat System

General Information
Ships in Pirate King Online, are a very useful transportation and exploration equipment. With a boat the limits are endless, the player can choose to level up the boat, explore with the boat, fight dangerous monsters or slay bosses. Boats can attack monster's thats both on land and on sea. Boats operates as they have not only health (hull), but they also got fuel, so the player must be aware on refilling the fuel and the hull to mainian their boat, from sinking/being destroyed. Each of every single of the boats has their own speciality, some are designed to be extra storng, while some are designed to be extra tanky.

Essentinal benefits from having a ship
There's various of quest items and ingredienses that can only be farmed from sea creatures, that also includes bosses thats prompted and improtant for completing parts of the game's story quests. Another thing to keep in mind, in order to start fishing, you'll also need a boat, to scout for fish swarn's out on the sea. Players can also dock on certain isles by using their boat instead of paying a teleporting fee. Not only that, players can also hunt land monsters from the sea, often without even being touched by them (sometimes used to level both a player character and a ship at the same time.)

Where can you get boats?
Boats can be obtained and built from any of the 4 builders at:
Builder - Sinbad - Argent City
Builder - Attan - Thundoria Harbour
Builder - George - Atlantis Snow Field (Icicle City)
Builder - Franklin - Shaitan City

Each of those NPC's offers a diffrent diversity of boats, a total of 9 boats are to be obtainable in the game with each and diffrent level requirement to sail with one. Forexample,

The builder Builder - Sinbad in Argent City offers 4 diffrent types of boats to be built: (12).gif (21).gif (24).gif (23).gif

The builder Builder - George in icicle offers these 4 boats to be built: (19).gif (13).gif (22).gif (24).gif

The builder Builder - Franklin in Shaitan City offers these 4 boats to be created: (12).gif (13).gif (22).gif (23).gif

The builder Builder - Attan at Thundoria Harbour offers these 5 boats to be created: (24).gif (22).gif (23).gif (14).gif (16).gif

Buying and picking stats for the ship
Every boat that a player can buy at any of the builders offers a variety of "one time customication" at the builder, meaning the player gets the opertunity to make the boat's as good as possible by applying, forexample the best bow, engine, canon, or component:

Start using the ship
In order to start using the ship, the player must head to their local harbour operator, located in the SAME city as the ship was bought at.
The 4 diffrent harbour operators in each of the main cities are:

To start sailing, the player must head to any of those operators, and a new window will open:

Set sail - This will show your ship and its status.
Repair ship - This is used to repair the damage of the ship and restore its hull health to 100%
Refuel - This is to refill the ship's tank with gas, back to 100%
Salvage ship - This is to revive your ship if it was killed on the sea or went out of fuel.

Upgrading the ship
Every single ship in Pirate King Online gets exp, either by just sailing, or by killing diffrent monster's both from the sea, and atatcking land monsters by sea. After a player has collected a certain amouthf of exp, the player can head over to a builder NPC in any of the 4 main cities, and select "Upgrade ship" This will cost both gold and ship exp.
Upon succesfully levling the ship, a system message will appear:

This means, the ship has succesfully levled up.
Ps: The maximum ship level is 100.

Ship trading
Trading a ship between a player to another, will result in the ship being traded loose all its current exp aswell as loosing up to 10 levels.
In short, if the player ship is level 10, then the ship level will only decrease by half, but if the ship is level 20 and above, it will loose 10 levels, all the way even at 100.