Black Dragon Equipment

Black Dragon Equipment

General Information:
Black Dragon Equipment refers to some of the most powerful equipment in the game, but at the same time some of the most difficult and most tedious to obtain.
It is obtained by completing a Black Dragon Altar .

The set consists of:
Black Dragon Altar:
Black Dragon (BD) Altar is an item which works on an unsealing and sacrifice system in order to yield a very powerful black dragon equipment.

A clean Black Dragon Altar looks like this:

In order to unseal it, all the elemental seals have to be removed. This is done with Powers. They are items with special properties which, once double clicked and used on an Altar, will have a chance to remove one corresponding seal.
If it succeeds, one seal of the same type will be removed. Should it fail however, no seal will be removed, and the Altar will accumulate a Cursed Point (CP).

Black Dragon Altars are obtained by using a Dragon Key (obtained from Black Dragon) in Black Dragon Lair 3; whereas Powers are generally obtained from 4 sources:
-One type of Black Dragon babies, or Black Dragon itself
-A high level Naval Base or Skeletar Isle boss
-One type of Black Dragon Monsters
-Exchanging 1x Kal Runestone to a certain Abbadon Warden (NPC)

These powers and their respective sources are:

Power of Flame , obtained from:
Power of Wind , obtained from:
Power of Thunder , obtained from:
Power of Frost , obtained from:
Cursed Points:
The aforementioned Cursed points (CP) which the Altar accumulates as powers fail determine the quality and eligibility to obtain a Black Dragon Equipment.

Should the Altar have 10 CP or more, it won't be usable, and a black dragon equipment will not be obtainable from that Altar so long as it has more than 10 CP.
Should the Altar have between 0-9 CP, the CP will greatly affect the quality of the equipment. An Altar with 0 CP will yield the best equipment, while an Altar with 9 CP will yield the worst.

Each CP will affect equipment in the following way:

Black Dragon Torso :
  • Defense -2
  • Physical Resist -1
  • HP -5
  • HP Recovery Rate -1
Black Dragon Claw :
  • Defense -1
  • Hit Rate -1
  • Min/Max Attack -1
  • Critical Hit Rate -1
Black Dragon Wing :
  • Defense - 1
  • Dodge -1
  • Max Sp -5
  • Sp Recovery rate -0.5
  • Movement speed - 2
But rest assured, these pesky CP can be removed using items called Angelic Dice . These are items which, when double clicked and used on an Altar, have a chance to remove one CP. Unlike powers, if an Angelic Dice fails to remove a CP, nothing extraordinary will happen.

Angelic Dice can be obtained from:
-Tiger Gamble
-High level Naval Base and Skeletar Isle bosses
-Black Dragon
-Exchanging 5x Kal Runestone to Heaven Teleporter

It is greatly advised to only open Altars with 0 CP as it is a costly process and such an investment deserves the best.

Sacrificial Item:
The last step to obtaining a black dragon equipment is using a sacrificial item, which is a Black Dragon Gem, and double clicking the Altar. The three Black Dragon gems will yield different Equipment, so choose wisely!

Heart of Black Dragon yields Black Dragon Torso
Eye of Black Dragon yields Black Dragon Claw
Soul of Black Dragon yields Black Dragon Wing

Full set effects:
There is an additional effect for each class when using a full unfused Black Dragon set.
  • Crusader: 50% chance for double Shadow Slash duration.
  • Champion: 80% chance for triple Primal Rage stun time and 50% chance to deal 50% increased damage with Primal Rage
  • Sharpshooter: 10% chance to deal 1000% Headshot Damage
  • Cleric: 50% chance to ignore 50% of the damage received while under Energy Shield
  • Seal Master: 70% chance to increase the duration of Seal of Insignia and Seal of Elder by 50%
  • Voyager: 80% chance to increase Algae Entaglement duration by 50% and 80% chance to increase Lightning Bolt damage by 50%